Let Them Tell You Why

It’s not enough to know how your customers feel about their experience with your brand; you need to know why they feel the way they do. InMoment’s Voice of the Customer alerts, reports, dashboards, and mobile apps channel the insights found inside your customers’ stories to the people inside your organization charged with taking action.

Online Reporting

Online Reporting

Meaningful Stories at Your Fingertips

Information gleaned from customer stories reveal their true value when applied and put to use in the real world. Online Reporting allows people throughout your organization to transform insights into ROI. Our role-specific reports deliver simple, actionable information—supported by first-hand customer stories—packaged for a specific audience.

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Real-Time Alerting

When the Clock Is Ticking

Alerts can be triggered off of any data you collect—specific words and phrases, employee mentions, social media, and callback requests—so you always know which issues need attention. Configured to your specific hierarchy and preferences, alerts let you respond to both positive and negative customer experiences with the urgency they deserve.

Wows and Rescues are special, real-time alerts that flag particularly important experiences. Wows immediately notify managers when employees are mentioned by name for providing a standout experience, allowing them to recognize and magnify positive behaviors. Rescues bubble those less-than-stellar experiences to the top for immediate action and resolution.

Occurrence Management

Occurrence Management Screenshot

Keeping Track of What’s Most Important

Responsiveness is the key to creating and retaining loyal customers. Your customers expect to be heard individually and addressed personally. Our Occurrence Management tools flag issues and send actionable alerts to the correct person within the organization, allowing them to take immediate action. If no action is taken, Occurrence Management will elevate the issue accordingly, supporting accountability and enabling employees to close the loop with customers.


Dashboard View

Navigation to Steer Your Business Forward

Customer metrics tell a quick tale of current performance and trends. InMoment’s Dashboards supply a wide variety of neatly organized, measurable marks. Our Voice of the Customer software gives you a bird’s eye view of customer experience health and the ability to conduct deep analyses that reveal meaningful connections across business results.

Location-Based Stories

Location-Based Stories

Getting the Right Stories at the Right Time

Wouldn’t it be great to reach customers (and non-customers) as they interact with your individual locations? With InMoment’s Location-Based Stories, you can connect with relevant customers and non-customers for “in the moment” information at specific locations.

Using GPS, RFID, and/or beacon technologies, along with mobile devices and applications, you can have targeted interactions with customers based on specific events and actions at your locations. This can provide a more personalized experience, allowing you to gather Voice of Customer feedback on why purchases did or didn’t occur and to obtain competitive insights.

  • Coach


    Every Team Needs a Playbook

    Arming local managers early with a playbook of simple procedural steps can solve service and satisfaction concerns before they become problems. By analyzing your local customer feedback, following your standard operating procedures, and tracking your key metrics, the predictive models in Coach detect and report developing service trends—along with a clear course of action for local managers.
  • Comment Poster

    Comment Poster™

    A Little Recognition Goes a Long Way

    To get great work from your employees, you must know it, note it, and promote it when you see it. Powered by InMoment’s advanced text analytics, Comment Poster identifies staff mentions in the comments of Voice of the Customer surveys. Connecting these employee names with actionable insights and key performance indicators provides location managers with an instructive snapshot of outstanding service experiences and a motivational tool for improvement.
  • Discover


    Your GPS on the VoC Freeway

    Data is coming at your organization at what feels like light speed, and it can sometimes be difficult to know if you have to turn left, right, or keep going forward.

    As an additional Service, InMoment Discover maps open-ended customer comments with structured customer feedback, such as satisfaction scores, to get your organization to its VoC destination as quickly as possible. Our text analytics software identifies the significant insights that your customers are trying to share but no one ever thought to, or has the time to, look for: the “unknown unknowns.” It then applies this information to transform a good customer experience into a great one.