We’ve been called a lot of things, but we’re most proud to be called “human”

All roads lead to customer experience

Our products and services include Voice of Customer (VoC), Social Advocacy & Reviews, Employee Engagement, Support, and Consulting.
We are the leading VoC vendor for the food services, retail, and contact center industries, with deep domain expertise in B2B, healthcare, hospitality, and numerous others. InMoment packages our products and services to address your industry’s specific needs.

Our core values

Five simple principles guide what we do and how we do it. It doesn’t matter what department, office, or country we’re in, we play by these same rules.

Simple & Elegant





We are a global company with offices in three countries and two continents

United States


United Kingdom


We’re serious about moments

With so many unique traits that make us individuals, individuality has become the thing that unites us. Our shared awe for the differentiating details of a single moment, a split-second experience, defines our InMoment identity. The more stories we hear from the customers and employees of the world’s brands, the more we wonder at the diversity of moments and the ways they impact relationships.

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Your life is made up of a series of moments, and every one counts.

CX Elevated Conference

Elevation comes with a feeling. Its vaulted expansion offers room to grow and its view inspires us to do so. For brands ever looking to improve and operate on the highest plane of CX thinking, doing, and serving, Customer Experience Elevated is your destination.
Peers and pros across a rainbow of industries routinely join us in a land lifted above sea level both to network and netplay, creating a social event for co-inspiring your new and improved customer experience strategy for brand loyalty and advocacy.


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