Know Your Enemy: The CX Zombies of B2B, Ambush Predators

The B2B environment is an ideal hunting ground for customer experience (CX) ambush zombies, like the Hypno Hulk and Helter Hydra. These stealthy undead hide in the communication gaps between vendors and their clients, they stalk their prey within teams of project stakeholders, and they spread confusion that grinds progress to a halt.


Four Keys of Customer-Centric Organizations (B2B)

Nobody gets away with a casual approach to the customer experience these days. If you want your clients to feel anything remotely close to loyalty, you’ll need to place them at the center of your business. Today, customer-centric brands have a distinct and growing advantage over their dated counterparts.


Why Implement a VoC Program? (B2B)

In the Age of the Customer, simply delivering a great product or service isn’t good enough. And because the lifetime value of each business customer is exponentially greater than a consumer, the stakes are even higher, requiring you to understand the key drivers that keep your customers returning.


State of Contact Centers: Omnichannel CX

We’ve got a modern-day Tower of Babel situation on our hands in which businesses are experiencing confusion of language. Two industry buzzwords are responsible for this semantic breakdown: multichannel and omnichannel.


Retail Is Ripe for Advocacy

Justified or not, consumers trust fellow consumers more than they trust brands. In fact, a 2013 Nielsen Global Trust in Advertising survey found that 84% of people trust the recommendations of people they know and 68% trust online customer reviews.


Visual Data: Listen with Your Eyes

Most people aren’t data analysts, and they shouldn’t have to be. The best Voice of Customer (VoC) solutions use data visualization to share real-time, role-specific insights with those in both strategic and tactical roles—so they can take immediate, informed action.


Make Them Feel Valued. Make Them Feel Heard.

Voice of Customer (VoC) in 2015 is more than an exercise in collecting insights; it’s an opportunity to strengthen loyal customer relationships and deliver key elements of your differentiated customer experience. Need proof? 644 consumers and 131 brand representatives ranked top CX trends for the year and shared insights—and that’s what they told us. Only they said it better.


Empathy Map: Using Empathy to Better Understand Your Customers

Take the customer stories our products collect to the next level by creating an empathy map, inspired by Copyblogger Media. This exercise combines key stakeholders and decision makers in your company to discuss how your brand experience can better meet your customers’ wants, needs, and expectations.


Red Shoes: The Sole of Omnichannel Engagement

Watch Express’ Jim Kaniaris (Vice President, Customer Experience) and InMoment’s Lonnie Mayne (President) during Loyalty 360’s Engagement & Experience Expo as they discuss how Red Shoes experiences lie at the heart of omnichannel customer engagement.

The Voice of the Customer: The 2014 Report

According to a recent survey, 92% of contact centres in the UK are currently actively capturing customer feedback. But what, if anything, is being done with that feedback, and how is it influencing and shaping business strategy?


Executive Report on the Omnichannel Customer Experience

For this executive report, Call Center IQ conducted their research with an audience of customer service, customer experience, and contact center professionals. Respondents represented buy-side organizations, vendor organizations, and independent consultancies. A panel of 7 channel technology professionals, including InMoment President Lonnie Mayne, were also called upon to contribute insights from their experience with the omnichannel customer experience.


Listening to the Voice

Voice of the Customer (VoC) technology lets retailers infuse customer feedback across the enterprise. How? First, by capturing it. Because you can’t infuse what you can’t hear. What’s more—just humor us for a second—you can’t hear what you can’t see. Okay, so that’s not entirely true, but in the case of enterprise-wide customer listening, you do need to let text analytics, dashboards, and visual reporting do the heavy lifting, because your ears just can’t get the job done on that scale.


Customers Are Speaking: Are You Listening?

Consumers talk. They do it on a scale that staggers. They do it at a speed that mystifies. They open their mouths and reveal their hearts. The yarns they spin explain current behaviors and expose future trends—to those with the listening capabilities to keep up, that is. This report shows the ways top retailers can tune in and turn out high-value customer experiences.


Unwrapping Holiday Shopping Trends

The holidays are here again, and it should be no surprise that mobile shopping is set to play a big part. By following how customers are interacting with their devices, retailers can gain critical insights into how to create rewarding, personalized experiences across their shopping channels. Check out this tannenbaum of leading data points that will be shaping the season.

Customer Wisdom Guides Growth at Total Wine & More

With rapid expansion as a backdrop, the company’s leadership recognized the necessity of engaging their customers. To meet this challenge, they wanted access to detailed customer sentiment about the shopping experience and a sophisticated analysis of that feedback.


A Good Business Should Never Blame Its Tools

As our world advances and develops, technology is becoming a great differentiator. Sure, technology’s only as good as the people who use it, but having the best tools in the business doesn’t hurt either. As the citizens of the world generate unstructured data by the zettabyte, view a few bytes of our own to wrap your head around the Brobdingnagian proportion of this data. Making sense of unstructured data is a messy job; using InMoment’s text analytics can make it a cinch.


The Decline of Structured Surveys

Credit where it‘s due: Structured customer surveys changed the way companies do business. They helped alter customer expectations and shape the definition of a “great” brand experience. But that was then. A new shift is underway, and it’s ending the incumbency of traditional customer surveys. The future of the VoC industry is now in the hands of robust text analytics.

2009 Called. It Wants Its Text Analytics Back.

Customer comments are more important than ratings, scores, trends, and key drivers. This truth is apparent once we remember that data-heavy surveys began as an imperfect stand-in for real customer dialog. The text analytics you choose will determine the number and quality of insights gleaned from these customer comments. Why? Statistical text analytics models turn the patterns of language into a math problem, while linguistic models teach computers to understand language the way humans do. Don’t choose tech from 2009.

Text Analytics 101: Watch Your Language

Words possess the power to lift you up—and break you down. Especially the words of your customers. Text analytics solutions allow you to watch, weigh, and respond to those ever-present words. During this event, experts reveal why all solutions are not created equal and give you the knowledge needed to select a solution that meets your brand’s CX goals.


Inside the Experience Hub: The Technology to Listen

Watch as voice recognition and text analytics technologies converge inside the Experience Hub to derive and deliver insights from your customers’ written and spoken stories. Open-ended comments, social media posts, online reviews, and telephone conversations are all unlocked to illustrate your competitive landscape, amplify positive experiences, identify pressing issues, measure the impact of customer moments, and more.


Night of the Living Prepared: A Contact Center Zombie Guide

With six different breeds of contact center zombies now roaming your floors, you had darn well better be able to identify each one on sight (or sound or smell) and know where to aim your weapon—oh, that’s right, you will most definitely need the right weapons. Our zombie guide gives you everything you need. By the time you’ve read its pages (or even just looked at the pictures), you’ll know which zombie needs a swift harpoon to the brain and which can be carefully cured.


Online Review Zombie Apocalypse: A Guide to Mastery & Conquest

The bad news first: We live in a world where online review zombies have free rein. Now the good news: We’re ending that world and giving power back to the peaceable business operators of our great economy. Let us help you become masters of the online undead with our Online Review Zombie Apocalypse Guide. Our informative dossier will provide you with a breakdown of open review sites and their challenging zombie counterparts.

The Rise of Omnichannel in Contact Centers

InMoment president, Lonnie Mayne, and GE Capital Fleet Services’ customer care manager, Dan Reil, discuss recent findings from a Call Center IQ (CCIQ) survey regarding the state of omnichannel in contact centers, the challenges companies face in embracing this new paradigm, and practical steps you can take to create the right omnichannel strategy for your business—and your customers.


Introducing the InMoment Experience Hub

Through InMoment’s “hub” approach, we centralize customer experience data—regardless of source or format—connect it with technology to surface critical stories, and then channel timely, actionable insights to the right people and places to drive targeted decisions across your entire enterprise.


We Are InMoment

Business has changed, and the customer experience is now your competitive battleground. Technology is evolving at the speed of imagination, and customers are using it to connect with populations far and wide. They expect to be able to connect with your company, too, and on a human level. They want to be heard, acknowledged, and valued. We help you do that. Why? For your fiscal health, of course. How? Roll the film.


Socialize Your Customer Experience in 3 Steps (Retail)

These days consumers are in charge. Consumers who have a great experience to share, or perhaps a bone to pick, don’t even have to wait to get home to voice an opinion. Instead, they reach into their pockets for a smartphone to tweet, poke, or blog away at a moment’s notice.


Socialize Your Guest Experience in 3 Steps (Food Service)

These days consumers are in charge. Consumers who have a great experience to share, or perhaps a bone to pick, don’t even have to wait to get home to voice an opinion. Instead, they reach into their pockets for a smartphone to tweet, poke, or blog away at a moment’s notice.


Rules of Engagement: The Right Connections

A systematic approach to both customer and employee engagement will raise satisfaction levels and sales, but are businesses maximising the benefits and senior management buying-in? Exclusive research from CGA Peach and InMoment reveals a need for more joined-up thinking, especially when it comes to front-line teams.


Customer Engagement: Making the Right Connections with Guests and Staff

Recent research among senior executives, carried out by CGA Peach in conjunction with InMoment, shows that, while there is a growing commitment across the hospitality sector to invest in customer engagement and feedback, there remains a significant opportunity to extract more meaningful insights, drive operational change and improvement, and see a greater return on investment. Here’s what was discovered.


Halfords Wows Customers with InMoment-Powered VoC Program

When Halfords implemented a Voice of the Customer (VoC) program two years ago, their objective was clear: Improve customer service, improve the customer experience, and improve sales. Using features of the InMoment platform like Employee Wow, Halfords was able to drive employee engagement and focus on the customer experience across every level of the company. Hear from members of the Halfords team to learn more about how they did it.


Understanding the Customer Conversation

A veritable tsunami of data is flooding retailers from a constantly growing pool of sources. The pervasive use of consumer touchpoints such as social and mobile, as well as the emergence of new touchpoints like wearable, is creating a rising tide of information for retailers to manage.


Four Keys of Customer-Centric Organizations

Some brands get away with taking a casual approach to their customer experience. But, unless you’re one of those imaginary organizations, you’re probably not getting away with anything. In today’s Age of the Customer, intelligent companies have a distinct advantage over their lackadaisical counterparts. Fortunately for companies that aren’t as with the program (the Voice of the Customer (VoC) program that is), there are facets common to all successful brands, which can be learned and adopted with relative ease.


Quantifying the Commitment to Customer Centricity

Truly customer-centric organizations seek out the technology that best allows them to listen to their customers—both individually and in aggregate. These same organizations also modify and refine their roles, responsibilities, and reporting structures as necessary to account for the new customer-centric business climate.


Surrey and Sussex Healthcare (SASH) “Your Care Matters” Programme, Powered by InMoment

The medical professionals at Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust (SASH) rely on their “Your Care Matters” programme to deliver a high standard of care to their patients. Listen as executives, matrons, emergency practitioners, nurses, and other staff describe how the patient experience programme powered by InMoment enables them in their daily work to make positive adjustments to the things that matter to individual patients.


Customer Loyalty 2014 Interview with Gary Topiol

Our managing director of international here at InMoment, Gary Topiol, takes on a handful of customer loyalty questions at Retail Bulletin’s 2014 Customer Loyalty Conference. He touches on topics like “Big Data” and “Social Media” while emphasising that a company’s customer experience is not its message. He also shares his thoughts on why the next big thing for customer loyalty is already here.


Customer Loyalty 2014 Interview with Richard Quarterman of Waitrose

Waitrose Manager of Service Innovation Richard Quarterman takes on a handful of customer loyalty questions at Retail Bulletin’s 2014 Customer Loyalty Conference. In attendance as a co-presenter with InMoment, he touches on topics like “Big Data” and “Social Media” while emphasising the importance of genuine and honest experiences for engaging and understanding customers.


Waitrose’s Journey to Customer Experience Transformation – CLC2014 Presentation

Loyalty goes both ways. It’s a simple truth and a key reason we partnered with Retail Bulletin for their 5th Customer Loyalty Conference. Our managing director of international, Gary Topiol, gave it practical application when he took the stage for a retailer case study with Waitrose Manager of Service Innovation Richard Quarterman.


Loyalty360 Video Podcast: Own Your Customer Moment

For its “Thought Leadership in Loyalty” series, Loyalty360 host Mark Johnson recently interviewed InMoment President Lonnie Mayne about the vision and technology making smarter, more unified customer experience data accessible across business organizations of all types and sizes: The InMoment Experience Hub™.

How to Keep Fraud Far from Your Customer Experience Data

You may be surprised to learn that customers and competitors aren’t the only threat to good customer experience data. When it comes to collecting valid customer feedback, your own employees have considerable influence, as well. Fortunately, that just means the power to control your data lies within your organization. In any Voice of Customer (VoC) program, upfront communication with your employees is critical to preventing customer survey fraud.


Waitrose “Measuring the Magic” Programme, Powered by InMoment

In this 2-minute clip, several Waitrose managers describe the Measuring the Magic programme and the positive adjustments it’s allowed them to make to departments and branches, thanks to more than 750,000 customer responses analysed and delivered through their partnership with InMoment over a two-year period.


Loyalty Modeling: Mapping the Customer Experience

All brands deliver something. Smart brands work to deliver an exceptional customer experience at every customer touchpoint. Other brands usually succeed only in delivering a wide range of satisfaction to their customers. One of the best ways to do this is to gather insights from customers who have recently had an experience with your brand. By listening to feedback gathered throughout the customer journey, your brand can begin to ask the right questions and focus on what’s driving satisfaction.