Engage Your Employees. Boost Your CX Success.

If you’re ready to take your CX program to the next level, complementing your existing VoC efforts with an employee engagement program can dramatically increase your customers’ overall satisfaction with your brand. Take a look at our most recent infographic to find out how to improve your brand’s CX success by investing in employee engagement.

CX: The Art of the Possible

Today’s most successful brands are moving away from the traditional, score-based survey philosophy to viewing customer experience (CX) as an integrated, cultural driver of change. It’s a complex process that starts by creating a culture of accountability and ends with driving business results through insights instead of scores.


What’s the Objective? CX Assessment for Contact Center Pros

Just because the customer is at the center of the customer experience, that doesn’t mean businesses always have the customer’s best interest in mind. Does yours? Take our quick assessment, based on CCIQ’s latest Executive Report on Customer Experience findings, and check out how you stack up against your contact center peers when it comes to CX.


The Importance of Personalization & Positivity

Take this shortcut through our forest of findings to see how the coming year’s trends shook out. You’ll emerge with a good feel for the topics on both consumers’ and fellow brands’ minds going into 2016.


Barriers & Perceptions: Retail’s Critical Customer Experience Drivers

While some industry segments and companies are winning in the area of customer experience, others are not. And while some segments possess clear strengths that drive purchasing behaviors, others have glaring opportunities that may be the barrier to converting the browse-only consumers to purchasers.

Building Emotional Currency with Your Customers

The customer journey has “relationship” written all over it; its path is pocked with moments where your organization has the opportunity to either deepen ties or damage trust. Join Behavioral Psychologist Paul Warner and InMoment VP of CX Greg Lloyd for a discussion on good relationship strategy.


Night of the Living Prepared: A Contact Center Zombie Guide

With six different breeds of contact center zombies now roaming your floors, you had darn well better be able to identify each one on sight (or sound or smell) and know where to aim your weapon—oh, that’s right, you will most definitely need the right weapons. Our zombie guide gives you everything you need. By the time you’ve read its pages (or even just looked at the pictures), you’ll know which zombie needs a swift harpoon to the brain and which can be carefully cured.

VoC 2.0: How to Drive Decisive Action on Multichannel Feedback

Join our panel of professionals and practitioners for a CX Mastery session that goes beyond the “scary parts” of your organization to a place where Voice of Customer (VoC) surpasses “mapping and reacting” and leads to inspirational organizations flush with conflict-resolving context.

Fear the Contact Center Walking Dead

In this webinar, Erich Dietz, CXPA Expert and vice president of strategic relationships and Eli Fillmore, Director of Client Success, at InMoment identify key Contact Center Zombies, along with tactics and weapons for slaying them.


Post Office® Voice of Customer Programme, Powered by InMoment

Few businesses are relied upon in the way the Post Office is. With customers counting on them for deliveries, government services, travel support, and much more, the customer experience is as intricate as it is vital. Go inside the Kingston Upon Thames branch to see and hear how customer voices are shaping a consistent experience across 12,000+ Post Office locations.

Contact Center Evolution amid an Omnichannel Revolution

Kicking off Call Center IQ’s 2015 Omnichannel Customer Experience Summit, InMoment Head of Contact Centers Eli Fillmore partnered with CCIQ Head of Research Brian Cantor to divulge the latest research-driven, contact center–focused recommendations on how to evolve in the face of an ever-changing landscape.


Gaining a Competitive Edge by Optimizing B2B Customer Experience

While consumer-facing (or B2C) companies have been the face of the CX movement, it’s the business-to-business (B2B) enterprises that have always had incentive to create and sustain long-term customer relationships. Yet, something has been missing from B2B’s collective approach to CX: a comprehensive, enterprise-wide focus.

[Podcast] Unknown Unknowns: What Marketers Still Need to Learn about CX

As customer experience (CX) becomes increasingly important as a competitive differentiator, marketing leaders are “on the hook,” according to analyst firm Gartner. However, many marketers don't have the necessary knowledge or perspective to effectively transition from postulating about customer experience to actually practicing CX best practices.


CX Check-Up: Injecting Omnichannel Engagement into Your Contact Center

Poor customer experiences plague every business. They’re a symptom of many different business diseases. Some are preventable. Most are curable. Immunizations and remedies are available in the form of Voice of the Customer (VoC) programs, and they’re clinically proven to improve the health of your contact center.


Fundamentals Found: CX Objectives, Metrics, and More

We composed an interactive shortlist of 5 key findings pulled from the Call Center IQ 2015 Executive Report on Customer Experience. Step inside to see what contact center leaders view as the ultimate customer experience (CX) objective and the building blocks to get there.


Eight Degrees of CX: B2B Customer Experience Assessment

B2B organizations have always had incentive to create and sustain long-term customer relationships. What’s been missing, however, is an enterprise-wide focus of the complete customer experience (CX). This 8-question assessment will show you how your CX initiatives fare compared to other B2B organizations.


70% Success: The State of B2B Customer Experience

In a recent global study of more than 100 B2B executives, CustomerThink and InMoment explored how companies are developing their customer experience programs to drive better business results. Inside are some of the key insights revealed and what organizations had to say about their CX initiatives.


Insight Allows Matalan to Shape Business Around Modern Families

With 217 stores across the UK and an extensive online offering, Matalan places emphasis
on providing customers with high-quality products at great prices. The company wanted to achieve an even greater understanding of its customers’ experiences, both in Matalan stores and online, and sought a partner to provide a
more dynamic feedback system and enhanced customer insight.


Understanding: More than Just Scores

The heart of the Experience Hub is its ability to understand not just scores and responses but customers’ actual stories. We use a variety of sophisticated technologies to help you explore those stories in deeper, more impactful ways, to drive better business results.


Drivers, Differentiators & Double-Standards: Insights from QSR Consumers

More than 9,000 American consumers rated a range of elements from their most recent experiences with quick-serve restaurants (QSRs). Areas of strong consensus and stark disparity revealed key drivers and striking stories for helping brands as they compete on the guest experience in today’s QSR space.


Positive Identification of Top QSR Characteristics

Supplementing this year’s QSR benchmark study with additional research, the InMoment Consumer Insights Panel has put together a summary report identifying trends, drivers, and insights for helping QSR brands understand the top focus areas for satisfying guests, fulfilling brand promises, and sustaining success.


Gary Topiol Presents at Executive Customer Contact Exchange

Watch and listen as InMoment’s International Managing Director, Gary Topiol, discusses the corporate imperative of becoming a more customer-centric organisation. In the presentation, Gary advocates the industry transition from customer feedback to customer stories and offers advice on how brands can better listen to their customers.

Unknown Unknowns: What Marketers Still Need to Learn about CX

The customer experience (CX) is an increasingly important differentiator, and marketing leaders are “on the hook” (just ask Gartner). Yet, many have neither the knowledge nor the perspective to turn postulation into practice. Join InMoment CMO Kristi Knight for insight into taking that leap from theory to execution.


Grounded in the Experience: Putting the Customer at the Center of Employee Engagement

Tools, ideas, and strategies exist for cultivating employee engagement—but one resource remains grossly underused: Voice of Customer (VoC) intelligence. Known predominantly for its role in customer experience improvement, VoC often achieves this through improving employee engagement. Like everything else in today’s market, your employee engagement initiatives will work most effectively when centered on the customer.


Customer Experience Elevated (EU) Highlights

Find out what attendees had to say about InMoment’s 2015 CX Elevated conference held in Birmingham, England. Our annual conference brought together professionals from various industries, including retail, food service, hospitality, contact centres, and more, to learn about the latest Voice of the Customer (VoC) and customer experience (CX) solutions.


How Customer Centricity Is Transforming Contact Centers

We are living and working in The Age of the Customer, where companies are tapping into big and small customer data to re-engineer their business structures and form increasingly personalized relationships with customers. Join us in walking through recent research on how to do it right.

Surprising Secrets Behind Today’s Most Successful QSR Brands

Benchmark studies are valuable tools for understanding how your brand measures up against the competition, but there’s always more to the story than just the numbers. InMoment’s QSR study takes you inside and beyond the rankings to explore why long-standing satisfaction drivers are now shifting.


Demo: The InMoment Solution for Contact Centers

Walk through our intelligent feedback and reporting process from the perspective of customers, callers, agents, supervisors, and executives. You’ll see integrated speech-to-text and text analytics at work throughout the omnichannel journey, creating a more engaging experience, highly relevant data, personalized training materials, and more.


CCIQ 2015 Executive Report on the Customer Experience

The Call Center IQ (CCIQ) 2015 Executive Report on the Customer Experience is driven by exclusive marketplace research and enhanced by commentary from industry experts. It works to understand customer experience goals, benchmark existing performance, identify challenges, and uncover pathways to improvement.

Customer Experience, Now: 5 Steps to Embed Customers in Your Culture

Any business with plans to live long and prosper needs its customers playing a central role. With so many real-world examples on display in B2C industries, the question is no longer even up for debate. In B2B industries, however, the examples of those who have taken up the torch are much fewer and farther between—which means there are even larger opportunities to stand up and lead.


Food Service Has an Appetite for Advocacy

Justified or not, consumers trust fellow consumers more than they trust brands. In fact, a 2013 Nielsen Global Trust in Advertising survey found that 84% of people trust the recommendations of people they know and 68% trust online customer reviews.


Call Center IQ (CCIQ): 2015 Customer Experience Summit

Real-time customer feedback and recent research are here to take the guesswork out of your job. By adding current context about your customer experience—and relevant solutions for it—this event will show you what customers want and the best ways to give it to them.Two of our favorite people, Lonnie Mayne and Amy Torani, discuss highlights […]


Know Your Enemy: The CX Zombies of B2B, Ambush Predators

The B2B environment is an ideal hunting ground for customer experience (CX) ambush zombies, like the Hypno Hulk and Helter Hydra. These stealthy undead hide in the communication gaps between vendors and their clients, they stalk their prey within teams of project stakeholders, and they spread confusion that grinds progress to a halt.


Four Keys of Customer-Centric Organizations (B2B)

Nobody gets away with a casual approach to the customer experience these days. If you want your clients to feel anything remotely close to loyalty, you’ll need to place them at the center of your business. Today, customer-centric brands have a distinct and growing advantage over their dated counterparts.


Why Implement a VoC Program? (B2B)

In the Age of the Customer, simply delivering a great product or service isn’t good enough. And because the lifetime value of each business customer is exponentially greater than a consumer, the stakes are even higher, requiring you to understand the key drivers that keep your customers returning.