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  • Trust, Loyalty, and Quality Carry Retailing

    InMoment’s new Retail CX Trends report reveals what it takes to build brand loyalty, as well as how retailers can offer better experiences versus simple transactions. “In the age of what McKinsey & Co. calls the “experience economy,” retailers are faced with a challenge: They must innovate the products and services they offer, while also creating and maintaining a customer experience that will keep customers both trusting and loyal in the face of endless options.”

  • Loyalty is Dead, Long Live Loyalty

    InMoment’s new Retail CX Trends report reveals that loyalty isn’t dead — it’s simply complicated. “What is clear from the research is that loyalty is no longer (and possibly never was) about loyalty programs but rather it is a broader construct, one which, at a fundamental level, is about some very simple and very human things: consistency, respect, value, and reliability.”

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  • Why Restaurants Are So Hungry for Your Personal Data

    “Where’s the line between treating customers like VIPs and stalking them?” wondered Nancy Luna, senior editor at Nation’s Restaurant News, during a panel at MUFSO. According to a recent consumer trends report by data collection company InMoment, 75 percent of consumers find most marketing personalization at least somewhat creepy (and 40 percent of brands admit to being creepy).

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  • InMoment Study Uncovers What it Takes to Earn Consumer Trust

    InMoment surveyed 1,300 consumers in the United States for their “2018 Retail CX Trends Report,” which focused primarily around customer loyalty. InMoment found that 88 percent of consumers agreed that brand trust was “extremely important” when deciding where to shop. Sixty-seven percent said a break in brand trust (or “brands not living up to their promises”) was one of the biggest reasons they lost faith in a retailer their previously loved.

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  • Grocers are the Most Trusted Brands

    Why are some brands trusted less than others? According to the “2018 Retail Trends Report,” more than two-thirds of consumers (67 percent) said brands lose their trust by failing to keep promises, using misleading advertising, and providing poor products and services.

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