Collection, Analytics, and Reporting for Better CX Intelligence


How You Listen Matters

At InMoment, we believe that better data in means better intelligence out. That’s why we provide you with more ways to collect feedback from your customers through our omnichannel solutions, including voice, text, and video. We combine survey data with customer data from other sources, including social, CRM, financial, and much more, to help you take more informed action.

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Advanced Analytics Lead to Intelligent Insights

Scores can be good. They give you a general understanding of where your business stands with your customers. However, they can’t tell you why customers feel they way they do. InMoment’s Advanced Analytics—including diagnostic, text, and predictive—are tuned specifically to the unique nature of customer data. This allows you to transform raw information into actionable intelligence that drives every area of your enterprise.

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Find Insights and Take Action More Quickly

We deliver the right insights to the right people at the right time in packages tailored for action. From real-time alerts and personalized coaching opportunities, to location-specific recommendations and strategic views, we give your teams exactly what they need to close the loop and accelerate change across your business.

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