Social Advocacy

Great Experiences Can Be Contagious

Your customer’s personal recommendations and referrals can sway the commercial decisions of their friends, family, and followers. Our patented social advocacy product GoRecommend™ helps generate this influential word of mouth for your brand by presenting highly satisfied customers with an immediate social outlet at the end of your survey.

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The GoRecommend™ Advocacy Journey

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    Turn customer intent into action. Facilitate brand advocacy by inviting customers with positive brand experiences to share their feedback on social media and review sites.

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    When customers use GoRecommend to share their reviews and recommendations on social media, a link to can be included to encourage their network to read more certified customer reviews about your brand.

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    Auto-populate your customers’ recommendations with information specific to their unique experience. Each GoRecommend endorsement incorporates key contextual elements collected from survey data:

    • The location where the transaction occurred
    • The product purchased or item ordered
    • Outstanding personnel involved in the experience
    • Events, campaigns, or promotions
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    Build a distribution list of opt-in brand advocates for promoting your brand organically using social campaigns and relationship marketing.

    Reach the friends and family of your known advocates by creating exclusive coupons and campaigns your customers can share.

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    Track key metrics of campaigns to consistently improve your word-of-mouth marketing and deliver ROI.
    Measurable Campaign Metrics

    • Click-through rates
    • Coupon redemptions
    • Conversions
    • Social shares

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Your Customer-Minted Currency in the Reputation Economy

Review sites and customer forums are now consulted by many consumers. The problem is, these sites do customers and brands a disservice by inadequately guarding against fraud and misinformation. Our reputation improvement product OpenTell™ fixes the four main flaws of online review sites by providing consumers with a representative sample of verified, unfiltered reviews.

How OpenTell™ Works

More Reviews, Better Samples

Using best practices for inviting at customer touchpoints, InMoment collects hundreds of thousands of customer reviews annually for more than 200,000 business locations worldwide (we’ve collected more than 300 million so far).

No other review site comes close. In fact, many business locations on Yelp! and Google have so few reviews, that a single review can pull a business location’s rating up or down 2 full stars. That kind of power is what fuels fraud and creates mistrust.

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Validated Reviews, Honest Representation

Participating companies provide unique validation codes on customers’ transaction receipts. These codes are required for submitting a review to OpenTell and can only be used once.

Recent Reviews, Realistic Predictions

Our continuous collection of customer reviews ensures that the first reviews customers see are based on your business as it is today—not as it was months ago. This gives businesses the opportunity to change their reputation by changing their performance. Other review sites still give prominence to reviews posted up to 5 years ago. Whoa.

Overall Accuracy, Higher Ratings

InMoment’s higher quantity, recency, and quality of reviews creates a broader, more representative reflection of a business’s performance. Because we can sample more than just a few polarized customers, business locations on see an average online rating increase of one full star (on a 5-star scale).

Credibility with Your Customer

Third-Party Neutrality

Reviews published by customers and hosted by a third party are the most trusted sources of information for consumers. Make sure your brand is represented accurately and fairly to the public.

Manager Replies

OpenTell allows location managers to post responses to customer reviews, so you can work transparently on resolving customer issues.

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