Where Job Satisfaction Shows, Customer Loyalty Follows

We’re all familiar enough with the service-profit chain to know employee engagement is only a few canoe lengths upstream from strong financial results. InMoment’s employee engagement products connect you with your workforce in ways that drive personal investment and commitment to the customer.

Program Setup & Design

Management and Employees Need to Identify with Their Work

Companies and programs configured to fit the priorities and personalities of employees produce better involvement and live longer. Your InMoment team helps you set up your feedback & engagement programs to match both employee and company goals, so, along with their feedback, you get employee buy-in.

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Feedback Channels

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Communication Keeps Your Company Going

An engaging job is based on open, honest communication. InMoment offers multiple ways for employees to share what they’re thinking and feeling in the workplace. Even mandatory surveys should be convenient and engaging.

Leadership Dashboard

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The Work Environment Is a Living Ecosystem

Reporting to higher-ups, collaborating with peers, interacting with customers, managing teams—the interplay between personalities and positions affects individual engagement daily. The InMoment Leadership Dashboard gives you an instant understanding of your current effectiveness in establishing key drivers of employee engagement in your staff’s work life.

Employee Loyalty Modeling

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Employees Are the Face of Your Brand

The culture, chemistry, and commitment of your workforce all feature prominently in the customer experience. Developing a cause and camaraderie among employees is a hard-fought advantage for any company. Employee loyalty modeling follows the patterns at play across work shifts and locations to reveal precise drivers of staff loyalty, connected to your key customer behaviors and drivers.

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Employee Wow

Personal, Positive Imprints
Energize Employee Efforts

Employees create customer moments that form strong bonds with your brand. The actions taken during these small, significant events run deeper than textbook training. InMoment’s Employee Wow alerts notify local managers when employees are caught doing right by the customer, so the the people who amaze are recognized, and their kind, assertive attributes are reinforced throughout the team.

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