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What Makes InMoment?

Customer Experience is an inherently human endeavor.
Everything we are, everything we do is focused solely on
creating and nurturing relationships with you – and
between you and your customers.

—President of InMoment, Lonnie Mayne

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Products & Services

The InMoment Platform is a literal Hub of activity. It brings experience data together with sophisticated, industry-tuned technologies, wraps them into role-specific packages brimming with actionable insights, and then channels them to the right person at the right time through our Products and Services.

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Successful customer experience optimization doesn’t come in a box. You need a partner who understands your business. InMoment is the largest VoC vendor for the food services, retail, and contact centers, and we have deep domain expertise in B2B, healthcare, financial services, and other industries.

Who Is InMoment?

It has often been said that life is a series of moments — especially when shaping a lifetime customer relationship. CX leaders Mindshare and Empathica couldn’t agree more — so we’ve united under a new name: InMoment. And for us, it’s more than a name — it’s a promise to our clients and declaration of a fundamental understanding of why we do what we do: to optimize the customer experience, because good experiences translate to better business.

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Blog Posts

The Text Analytics “Duck Test”

If it looks like text analytics, behaves like text analytics, and is called text analytics, it’s probably text analytics, right? Not necessarily. A text analytics solution may identify key words and phrases, but that does not ensure any level of comprehension or insight. Text analytics should help tell the customer story and empower your brand […]

Introducing the InMoment Experience Hub™

Back in June when Mindshare and Empathica packed the best they had to offer into a shiny, new package called InMoment, something beautiful happened: Our Experience Hub was born. In uniting and rebranding, we found that one-plus-one didn’t just equal two. InMoment was more than the sum of our former parts. Think of bread. You put …

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In the News

Taco John’s Partners with InMoment to Glean Customer Insights

Loyalty 360 » Taco John’s, a Cheyenne, Wyoming-based restaurant chain serving up fast Mexican food in 25 states, knows that listening to customers and responding to feedback is the best way to tailor its offerings moving forward. In an effort to glean the most insightful feedback, Taco John’s has announced a partnership with InMoment, a […]

Taco John’s Adds Guest Feedback Platform

Integrated Solutions for Retailers » On the heels of its recent rebranding initiative, Taco John’s has added InMoment’s cloud-based customer experience optimization platform to support Tell TJ, Taco John’s guest satisfaction survey program. The recent make-over came from information gleaned from customer surveys. “This insight led to ‘Unwrap the Original,’ our new brand position. ‘Unwrap […]

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Press Releases

InMoment Named to Inc. 500|5000 for Seventh Consecutive Year

• Leader in Customer Experience Technologies Selected for Prestigious List of America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies • Acquisition, Rebrand, New Products and Personnel Drive Growth SALT LAKE CITY (Aug. 21, 2014) – InMoment, (formerly Mindshare Technologies), a cloud-based customer experience (CX) optimization platform that gives companies the ability to listen to and engage with their customers […]

Taco John’s® Partners with InMoment to Power Guest Feedback Program

Salt Lake City (Sept. 23, 2014) — Taco John’s®, one of the largest quick service Mexican restaurant chains in America, is partnering with InMoment™, a cloud-based customer experience (CX) optimization platform that gives companies the ability to listen to and engage with customers to improve business results. InMoment is providing the technology for Tell TJ®, […]

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