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Get business-critical insights to fuel better decisions, build stronger relationships and drive positive bottom-line results.

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Why InMoment?

We bring results-focused technology, deep experience and a team-based approach to every partner relationship. Your success is our success.


No one likes to be interrogated but most enjoy conversation. Have conversations with your customers and employees. Our patent-pending Active Listening makes feedback feel like a friend. And our new video option is loaded with emotional impact.

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Unite and analyze the full range of customer and other stakeholder data for more strategic understanding. Our new predictive analytics helps you elevate beyond react-and-repair, to anticipation and action.

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Optimizing the customer experience typically achieve[s] revenue growth of 5–10% and cost reductions of 15–25% in just two to three years.

— McKinsey & Co.

We Love Success Stories

  • "InMoment's cloud-based platform provides features that we didn't have like text analytics and recommendation settings for social media. What its tool does is enable us to stay in touch with our customers and respond as an organization."

  • "InMoment tells us which elements of our customers' experiences encourage or get in the way of a long-term relationship with our brand. With that information, we know exactly where and how to invest resources to both fix problems, and proactively create environments that build loyalty.."

  • H.H. Gregg partnered with InMoment to make its customer surveys more actionable. As a result, H.H. Gregg improved its survey scores by 5% since 2014, satisfaction scores for in-store pick-up have nearly doubled since 2014 and highly satisfied customers are 18% more likely to make another purchase within the next 90 days.

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