Employee Engagement

What is Employee Engagement?

Employee Engagement means employees have a heightened level of ownership for the success of the organization, its employees, and themselves.

Why does employee engagement matter?

Decades of data have proven that companies with more engaged employees enjoy lower turnover, higher productivity, happier customers, and a multitude of bottom-line benefits. One of the most important factors driving employee satisfaction is being empowered with the right information, tools, resources, and incentives to be successful in their jobs.

    • Companies with an engaged workforce have 21% higher productivity than their competitors.
    • Turnover can cost 20% of an employee’s annual salary.
    • Companies with an engaged workforce have 22% higher profitability than their competitors

How InMoment Enhances Employee Engagement

InMoment’s Employee Engagement solution combines powerful technologies with expert consulting services to effectively listen to, understand, and share employee feedback and insights in conjunction with data gathered throughout the customer journey. This combination allows brands to better understand and improve employee motivation to positively influence the rest of the CX equation. To bring this about, InMoment has identified several key components:

Active Listening

InMoment’s Active Listening capabilities apply technology to understand employee comments? in real time, and encourage them to share their stories and insights. The result is richer data and a better, more relevant experience for employees.

United View

Understand the interplay between employee engagement and customer satisfaction by integrating the data from both groups in one system, and making it accessible through a variety of reports. Compare employee? and customer satisfaction levels, or isolate employee feedback to find trends, aggregate responses by department or location, and more to further improve the customer experience.

Flexible, Real-time Feedback

An annual 50-question survey can’t possibly capture all the nuances of each employee’s story. InMoment provides you with a variety of feedback options from periodic queries, to real-time check-ins, to moment-of-truth listening points throughout the employee journey—ensuring a comprehensive and ongoing understanding of their experience.

Empowered to Succeed

With InMoment, managers and employees receive customer feedback about their performance. Hearing directly from customers, in their own words, provides powerful motivation, specific guidance on how to improve, and first-hand recognition of what customers appreciate most while dealing with their brand.

Employee-tuned Text Analytics

InMoment’s text analytics are built on the same engine as IBM’s Watson, and then tuned specifically to the language of employee engagement to automatically surface the important insights that will drive meaningful change.

Privacy Protection

Employees want to share their stories, but they also want to know their feedback is anonymous and they won’t be penalized for being honest. InMoment ensures complete privacy and confidentiality by automatically setting specific response thresholds and hiding identifying employee data.