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CX Elevated

Customer Experience Elevated 2017


March 7–10

Salt Lake City, Utah

Analyze. Act.

March 7–10
The Little America Hotel
550 South Main Street
Salt Lake City, UT 84101

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The top of the CX mountain is in sight. You have the will, and we have the technology to guide you to the top. CX Elevated 2017 is our chance to show you how to turn InMoment’s industry-leading analysis into business-elevating action.

Join us this March to learn from—and collaborate with—experts and innovators who are blazing the trail to the pinnacle of customer experience.

Keynote Speakers

Dan Pink

Dan Pink


Daniel H. Pink is the author of five provocative books—including three long-running New York Times bestsellers. His latest is To Sell is Human: The Surprising Truth About Moving Others, which uses social science, survey research, and rich stories to offer a fresh look at the art and science behind positive leadership and influencing others.

Sam Stern

Samuel Stern

Senior Analyst, Forrester

Sam is a senior analyst in Forrester's customer experience research practice. His research topics include customer-centric culture, employee engagement in delivering better customer experiences, and how to deploy different research techniques to create better experiences.

Lonnie Mayne

Lonnie Mayne

Red Shoes Living

Lonnie Mayne created Red Shoes Living while serving as president of InMoment. What began as an internal initiative to define and give structure to the distinctive InMoment culture, quickly grew into a vehicle through which Mayne and the company could provide support for a necessary, but often neglected factor so necessary in building successful, customer-centric organizations: the human factor.

Executive Track

Victoria Bough

Victoria Bough

McKinsey & Company

Victoria leads McKinsey’s customer experience solutions portfolio. In this role, she manages McKinsey’s proprietary journey benchmark solution and its alliances with technology partners that implement measurement systems during customer experience transformation engagements.

Graham Tutton

Graham Tutton


Graham leads Comcast’s Customer Insights group, providing the organization detailed customer and employee intelligence to define, prioritize and manage strategic and tactical enhancements to the Comcast Customer Experience.

Jon Atkin

Jon Atkin

Ipsos Loyalty

Jon is a leader in Ipsos Loyalty’s customer experience management team, helping clients design, implement and manage programs that drive their CX strategy. His main area of focus is supporting executives to embed programs for lasting change.

Location & Room Reservations

Little America Hotel

Little America Hotel is conveniently located on 10 acres in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City, just 10 minutes from the Salt Lake International Airport. Nestled between the Wasatch and Oquirrh Mountain Ranges in the magnificent Salt Lake Valley, Little America is within walking distance from shopping, restaurants, cultural and sporting events, and is roughly 30–40 minutes from the major ski resorts.

Room Reservations

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Room Reservations

Tuesday, March 7th

06:00 pm

Registrations Opens

09:00 pm

Welcome Dinner & Entertainment

Wednesday, March 8th

08:30 am

Conference Welcome & Kickoff

John Sperry, CEO and Founder & Lonnie Mayne, President

09:15 am

Analyze. Act. Ascend.

John Sperry, CEO and Founder

10:15 am

The Future of CX Intelligence

JD Nyland, EVP of Product & Derek Newbold, CTO

11:30 am

Client Highlights

Hosted by Lisa Davis, VP of Communications

12:45 pm

Industry Roundtables

05:15 pm

Breakout Sessions

10:00 pm

Dinner & Entertainment

Thursday, March 9th

09:00 am


Samuel Stern, Forrester Analyst

10:15 am

Keynote: Leadership and the New Principles of Influence

Daniel Pink

10:45 am

Book Signing: Daniel Pink

06:00 pm

Snow Day

Snowbird Resort

09:00 pm

Dinner & Entertainment

Friday, March 10th

09:30 am

ROI Presentation

Presented by Erich Dietz, SVP Global Business Development and Brennan Wilkie, SVP Customer Experience Strategy

10:45 am

Industry Roundtables

11:45 am

Keynote: Red Shoes Living Creates Red Shoes Experiences

Presented by Lonnie Mayne, President

Breakout Sessions


Hub 2.0: Getting to the “Why” Behind Your Data

Presented by Solarity Credit Union and JD Nyland, EVP of Product

It’s always been easy to use data to understand what happened, where it happened, when it happened, and who was involved. It’s exponentially more difficult to understand why it happened and how it’s affecting your business. During this session, you’ll learn how InMoment can help you get to the “why” behind your data so you can reduce churn, enhance loyalty, and improve the overall customer experience.

Reducing Customer Churn: Getting to the Source

Presented by Tesco and Joel Diamond, Director of Product Management

Collecting customer feedback provides only a glimpse into understanding customer issues, and retention success hinges on the ability to quickly identify and resolve those concerns. Customers don’t always understand what caused their problem, but they’re unhappy and looking for resolution. During this session you’ll learn how an often-overlooked source of data can help you identify root cause more effectively to save customers before they churn.

VoE: Closing the Customer-Employee Profit Loop

Presented by Denny’s and Dr. Paul Warner, VP Consumer and Employee Insights

How often have you heard that more engaged employees lead to happier customers? This is still true—to an extent. But there’s much more to the equation. When you combine the power of satisfied employees (employee engagement) with the impact of their first-hand knowledge of the customer (voice of employee), you can close the Customer-Employee Profit Loop to drive better business results.

Advanced Analytics: What CX Leaders Need to Know

Presented by Spencer Morris, SVP Data Science and Cody Bakken, VP Data Science

Advanced analytics have come to customer experience. And as a CX leader, your success or failure could very well hinge on how well you understand and apply this dynamic technology. This session will serve as a CX analytics primer, taking you through the various types and applications. We'll then tie theory to practice, showing how InMoment can help you bring advanced analytics to customer data, transforming it from simple insights, into full-blown CX intelligence.

Uncovering the Secret Patterns and Trends Hidden in Unstructured Data

Presented by Cabela's and Brandon Gardner, Senior Product Manager

Like most businesses today, the last thing you need is more data. You’re already collecting a vast amount of CX data from multiple channels, touchpoints, and departments. What you really need is more staff, more analytics, and more hours in the day to help you sift through that data—or, better yet, a solution that does that for you. In this session, learn how InMoment’s latest technology can help you harness the power of your unstructured data.

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