Ready. Set. Action.

Get a more compelling view

We deliver insights to the right people at the right time—inside and outside your organization, from timely alerts and coaching tips to location-specific recommendations and strategic views.

These insights are automated for ease and tailored to what your teams need to accelerate the right changes across your business.


Transform your business

  • Strategic views

    See the big picture and spot the big opportunities with customized dashboards: revenue at risk, customer journey, channel, business unit, geographical region, and more.

  • Frontline directives

    Location- and team-specific focus areas for frontline employees tie simple tactics to key performance indicators (KPIs). Real-time views into the impact of defined touchpoints produce manageable steps toward success.

    Neatly organized performance metrics allow customer-facing teams to benchmark against others units in the organization.

  • Closing the loop

    Ensure follow-through to resolution with individual clients and uncover root cause on larger business issues by harnessing the power of an end-to-end CX case management solution. Assign, reassign, escalate, change status, and contact customers from a single screen. Create customized action plans and coaching opportunities on a per-case basis.

  • Real-time alerts

    Customer issues are time sensitive. If you're slow to react when your customers share their views, it can often weaken the relationship they have with your business.

    Whether it's an isolated legal-safety issue or a positive employee mention, some feedback demands immediate action. InMoment gives you the tools you need to strengthen and recover individual customer relationships with speed and efficiency.


Simplify Case Management

InMoment Resolve simplifies the management of customer experience cases, allowing you to reduce individual customer churn, understand larger trends, and quickly understand root cause. It helps your organization seamlessly manage cases by alerting you when they occur and prioritizing them in order to take action to resolve each one.

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Feedback should be a powerful agent for internal change. But why stop there?

InMoments Social Advocacy & Reviews tools make it simple for customers to share their experiences with friends, family, and other customers.


Pass it on

Simplify brand advocacy by inviting happy customers to share their experiences on social media and review sites. With our patented GoRecommend™ tool, here’s what you can do:

• Auto-populate each customer’s review with information relevant to their experience, such as location, purchased item, employee mentions, events, campaigns, and promotions.
• Create opt-in advocates to promote your brand organically via social campaigns and relationship marketing.
• Turn advocates into heroes by creating exclusive offers for their social contacts.


Level the playing field

Review sites and customer forums are one of the most effective ways to get the word out about your brand. Unfortunately, most are vulnerable to fraudulent posts, low volume, and timeliness issues—all of which affect accuracy and can have damaging results.

InMoment's verified review site, OpenTell™, lets customers turn their feedback into an online review with the click of a button. Because OpenTell is powered by your Voice of Customer feedback, reviews are always more accurate and timely than other online reviews.