Transform customer data into business intelligence

Uncover actionable insights

We apply advanced analytics—including diagnostic, text, and predictive analytics—in addition to data integrity measures to identify root causes, slow churn, and generate insights. These tactical and strategic insights decrease costs, increase revenues, and build high-value relationships with customers and employees.


Combine powerful technologies with the expertise of data scientists to unlock the secrets inside a range of data formats

  • Text Analytics

    Highly accurate. Multilingual. CX-calibrated. Industry-tuned. Our text analytics decode the information and sentiment inside unstructured comments, social reviews, agent notes, and other unstructured data. An integrated speech-to-text function automates the understanding of voice comments quickly and affordably.

  • Explore

    Your customers are sharing stories daily via surveys, social posts, and review sites about your products, staff, and services. These comments hold answers to improving your business, and customer experience, but how do you find answers to specific questions in a sea of so much information?

    InMoment Explore provides a quick and easy way to search through unstructured data from all channels, instantly, for any word or phrase that is relevant to your business at any time. This DIY analytics tools saves you time slogging through comments and running reports, so you get the answers you want when you need them most.

  • Analyst Tool

    Sophisticated and self-serve, this visualization tool enables your in-house analysts to explore large datasets—on the fly and from multiples sources—and create customized, interactive views of customer and employee experiences.

  • Data Science Team

    Our professional analysts take your data even further with loyalty modeling, linkage analysis, multivariate stats, structural equation modeling, segmentation, and more.


More data. More insights.

Uniting customer and employee feedback with other relevant data from CRM, transactional, loyalty, and operational systems allows you to correctly connect the dots. By integrating data from a variety of sources you can forecast revenue, map critical journeys, spot underperforming vendors, and identify new audience opportunities.


InMoment deploys protective and cleansing measures that prevent fraud and ensure the integrity of your customer data, so you can make confident decisions based on reliable results.

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