Capture customer feedback at every opportunity

It pays to listen

Traditional surveys are the go-to method for gathering information about customer and employee experiences, but they aren’t the only method. They make it all too easy to turn an earnest inquiry into an endless interrogation driven by what you want to know—nevermind what your customers and employees want to say and how they want to say it.

You deserve more. And so do your customers.

InMoment provides you with a comprehensive listening solution to capture every detail and emotion, regardless of source or form.


Start a conversation

Customer comments can be a rich source of actionable, business-enhancing insights. But the fact is, most are short and not very helpful. And too often, from the customer’s perspective, surveys are just a long interrogation that has little to do with their actual experience.
InMoment’s patent-pending Active Listening™ prompts for more detail in real time, asks questions relevant to your customers’ experiences, and gently reminds them to share their stories, all of which gives you richer, more detailed insights, while making the feedback experience a little more fun and a little more human.

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Capture non-buyer feedback

Not every customer who enters your location will purchase. And in the past, collecting this data has been difficult. InMoment’s Location-based Insights use your loyalty app to trigger surveys based on geofences and beacons so you can better understand why your customers didn’t buy.

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From voice to verse to video—shared online, through social networks, or via mobile devices—InMoment provides you with the most comprehensive listening solution available to capture every thought, detail, and emotion—regardless of the form.


Let customers conveniently share what matters most to them


Trigger personalized invites at various stops along your customers' e-commerce experiences.


Nurture relationships with customers who've opted into your mailing list with an invitation to help improve their experience.


Your website is a natural destination for customers with something to say. Simplify their search with a link or a toll-free number.

Text Message

A quick and simple way for mobile-minded customers to connect.

Social Media

Invite customers while they're in a sharing mood.

Point of Sale

Every store purchase should end with an invitation to share feedback from a staff member and included on the receipt.

Outbound Dial

InMoment's proprietary outbound dial system is a cost-effective way to invite feedback.

Direct Inbound Dial

Route customers directly to a survey after a service call for a seamless feedback experience.

QR Code

These simple-to-scan symbols take your customers directly to a mobile customer feedback survey.

Print Media & Signage

Eye-catching, in-store print materials draw attention to feedback channels, as well as the incentives for sharing.


A New and Powerful Perspective

InMoment’s Voice of Employee solution helps you collect feedback from your employees about the customer experience and analyze that information get to root cause quickly and identify new business opportunities more effectively.

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