When the Data’s Accessible Anything’s Possible

Made up of innumerable customer moments, the customer experience is emotional, subjective, and powerful. To understand something so intricate and immense takes inventive technology, serious experience, solid partnerships, and contextual data by the cloudful. That’s the InMoment platform.

Feedback Channels

They Demand an Audience. You Need Insights.

From unsolicited online reviews to structured survey responses, customer feedback is fueled by a human desire to express thoughts and feelings. Using multichannel invitation methods and collection processes, InMoment helps companies become a trusted audience and go-to recipient for valuable feedback. We connect this feedback to your existing data sources to maximize context and optimize insight value.

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Invitation Methods

  • Invite by Point-of-Sale Receipt

    Point-of-Sale Receipt

    Every store purchase should end with an invitation to share feedback—vocalized by a staff member and printed right on the receipt (or e-receipt). Encourage customers to take a survey on their mobile phone, home phone, or computer.
  • Invite by Email


    Customers who have opted in to your mailing list should be invited to take their customer experience survey by mobile phone, home phone, or computer.
  • Invite by SMS Messaging

    Text Message

    The best way to use an SMS list for your VoC is to send a text message that links directly to a mobile phone survey. You can also give options for a phone survey.
  • Invite by Social Media

    Social Media

    Invite customers on social media sites to link to an online survey.
  • Invite by Outbound Dial

    Outbound Dial

    InMoment’s proprietary outbound dial system is a cost-effective means for inviting phone customers to take a survey.
  • Invite by Website


    Your corporate website is a natural destination for customers with something to say. Give them a link to an online customer feedback survey or comment box, as well as a phone number to call.
  • Invite by QR Code

    QR Code

    With smartphones spreading the globe, QR codes have become an excellent gateway to a mobile customer survey. Place codes on any of your branded print materials to capture feedback from the mobile customer crowd.
  • Invite by Print Media & Signage

    Print Media & Store Signage

    Eye-catching in-store print materials can draw attention to feedback channels, as well as the incentives you offer for sharing. Print a QR code directly on visuals, or print a memorable survey link or phone number to call.

Feedback Collection Channels

  • Feedback Collection Channels

    Mobile Browser

    Mobile browsers have turned smartphones into a convenient channel for leaving feedback through a visual, online interface. Rating scales, yes/no questions, and open text fields can all be used to collect different data response types.
  • Feedback Collection Channels

    Desktop Browser

    Desktop browsers are the gateway feedback channel for online customer satisfaction surveys. Customers select their response to a set of visually presented survey questions or type comments into text fields.
  • Feedback Collection Channels


    Our interactive voice response (IVR) system uses an automated voice to guide customers through the survey process on their touch-tone phone. Customers leave feedback by pressing buttons as well as by leaving voice comments.
  • Feedback Collection Channels

    Online Reviews & Social Mentions

    The InMoment platform can monitor online social forums for relevant feedback content and include it in your reports and alerts.
  • Feedback Collection Channels

    Data Integration

    The InMoment platform is built to collect and consult all your customer-relevant data. What we don’t own, we access through advanced APIs that work with your own systems as well as your other vendors.

Fraud Protection

Valuable Data Deserves Protecting

The voice of your customers is valuable. And where there’s value, there should be security. The InMoment platform provides the protective measures needed to ensure the integrity of your customer insights. Our information will always be an accurate representation of your real customers, so you can make confident decisions for reliable results.

Prevent Fraud

The first step to ensuring the integrity of your customer data is proactively identifying and preventing the input of fraudulent data.


After completing the front-end screening of individual surveys, we perform macro-scale data analysis on your customer feedback to detect red flags within the normal patterns and trends of your data.

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Text Analytics

Customer Comments Contain the Meaning of the Moment

You’ve set an expectation. By collecting customer feedback, you imply that you will listen and take action. InMoment text analytics makes meeting this expectation simple. Our industry-tuned language models comb every customer comment for you, weighing phrases for meaning within the context of existing intelligence. Nanoseconds later, every message is organized and actions are outlined for real-time reporting.


Different Industries Use Different Vocabularies

Natural language is rich and informative. It’s also full of slang and subtlety. Using IBM’s content analytics with natural language processing, we account for this human complexity through custom language indexes and rule sets tuned to specific industry needs.

True Accuracy Takes Both Precision and Recall

In the world of text analytics, precision (applying the correct comment tags) is generally well done, with most analytics engines correctly tagging comments at roughly the same high rate.

On the other hand, recall (the engine catching everything it should with minimal “missed” tags) is no contest, with InMoment nearly doubling the performance of many VoC solutions.

What this means: Our text analytics engines collect the highest volume of insights with the highest overall accuracy available. This delivers insights brands can trust.

Smarter Results for Smarter Reports

Our industry-leading text analytics fuel the insights of our customer experience reports, delivering deeper insights into customer behavior and the key drivers that determine satisfaction and loyalty.

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Vocal Expression Carries Heart, Soul, and Insight

Customers offer more information when they don’t have to write it down or type it up. As the most natural form of communication, voice comments often contain extra insights on your company’s service, products, and processes. Speech-to-Text transcribes these comments to instantly supplement your textual data being run through InMoment’s Text Analytics.

100X Transcription Speed

  • Transcription 100 hours of live speech can be transcribed and analyzed in one hour
  • Transcription Even audio-based insights are available instantly
  • Transcription Analyze comments in their entirety to find every available insight (instead of searching for only predetermined phrases)
  • Transcription Emotion detection analyzes voice tone and pitch to determine whether a comment is urgent, angry, excited, or happy