Experiences Aren’t Born. They’re Made. (Of Moments.)

Who “owns” your customers? Which department “manages” their experiences? The truth? No one. And everyone. The customer experience is created through a series of moments with your products, services, and people.

The first step in empowering each person in your organization to own each of those moments is to find out what your customers have to say. That’s why, rather than building just another “customer feedback management” tool, we’ve built technology for listening, understanding, and sharing the voices of your customers.

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The Experience Hub™

Surfacing Your Customer Stories

The InMoment Experience Hub empowers your organization to act quickly and wisely to improve your customers’ experiences—and your bottom line.

We start with proven listening methods to allow your customers to share their stories in a variety of ways and places. This “experience data,” along with other types of information that adds dimension to the story, is connected with our highly tuned and fully integrated text analytics, so you can understand the “why” behind your customers’ experiences.

Once these stories are surfaced, our products and services share them with the right people in your organization. Real-time alerts, dashboards, reports, and mobile apps are presented simply, elegantly. They include targeted calls to action, empowering you to act quickly and decisively, so you can deliver consistently great experiences to your customers.

Listen. Understand. Share.

InMoment’s Experience Hub gives you the tools to listen to, understand, and share your customers’ stories—however, wherever, and in whatever form they choose to tell them. Because when you have the full story, you’re able to act wisely and decisively to drive positive business results.


Every customer has a story to tell, if you’re willing to listen.

From online reviews to customer satisfaction surveys, allowing customers to tell their stories how and where they feel most comfortable means better information. InMoment’s omnichannel invitation and collection tools solicit high response rates and rich, accurate data.

Video Feedback

Put a Face to the Feedback

Video feedback goes one step further than traditional surveys to get to the heart of how customers really feel about their experience, giving them the freedom to express themselves on their own terms, and capturing and body language that helps you understand both the facts and emotion that make up an experience.

Through the exclusive integration partnership with video feedback innovator Voxpopme, InMoment clients can enjoy the following benefits simply and seamlessly from a single platform:

  • A more enjoyable and authentic feedback experience for customers and employees
  • Better understanding of the emotional components so essential in customer and employee experiences
  • More and richer feedback means better insights, and smarter actions
  • Quickly capture and view feedback from specific customer segments regarding targeted questions
  • Increased impact of feedback on employees and managers for wider buy-in, greater engagement and customer understanding, enhanced coaching and recognition, and more

Active Listening

In your quest for insights, it can be easy to forget that the feedback process is a critical touchpoint for your customers—one that can enhance or damage their overall experience.

InMoment’s global Active Listening suite applies text analytics to customer stories in 90 languages in a unique and patent-pending way to get better insights, drive smarter action, and make the experience a little more fun and a little more human for your customers.

Active Listening features are designed for different purposes and can be deployed together or separately.

Watch how Active Listening works
Strength Meter

This simple and familiar mechanism gently encourages customers to keep telling their stories. Pair with Follow Up for richer data.

Follow Up

When customers share comments low on insights, relevant follow-up questions ask for more detailed information.

Drill Down

When customers mention a flagged word or topic such as a new product, or area of concern, Drill Down presents specific questions for deeper inquiry.

Social Listening

Customers aren’t waiting for you to ask before they tell their stories

The rise of social media and online reviews makes it simple for customers to share their stories in more places and more ways. And you need to be willing and able to listen to what they have to say.

InMoment Social Listening taps into the places within popular online review and social sites where your customers tell the most meaningful experience stories. We embed these social stories alongside experience data from voice, online, and other sources into your alerts, reports, dashboards, and apps for a broader view of your customers.

Collecting Stories

Sometimes customers tell you their stories, sometimes they tell others, and sometimes their actions speak as loudly as words. InMoment can bring them together to give you a bigger picture.


Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets are a convenient way for customers to share stories through rating scales, yes/no questions, and open text fields.

Web Browser

Web browsers accessed on desktop and laptop computers are familiar and convenient places where customers can tell you about both their online and in-person experiences.


Our interactive voice response (IVR) system guides customers through the feedback process on their touch-tone phone. Customers answer questions and leave voice comments. Live conversations can be transcribed in real-time with our speech-to-text capabilities.

Data Integration

Using advanced APIs, the InMoment Experience Hub can connect the customer stories we gather with relevant data from other sources, like CRM systems and loyalty programs, to help you understand the bigger picture.

Inviting Stories

Offer options and your honest interest, and customers will share what matters most about their experiences.


Trigger personalized invites at various stops along your customers’ e-commerce experiences.


Nurture relationships with customers who’ve opted into your mailing list with an invitation to help improve their experience.


Your website is a natural destination for customers with something to say. Simplify their search with a link or a toll-free number.

Text Message

A quick and simple way for mobile-minded customers to connect.

Social Media

Invite customers while they’re in a sharing mood.

Point of Sale

Every store purchase should end with an invitation to share feedback from a staff member and should be included on the receipt.

Outbound Dial

InMoment’s proprietary outbound dial system is a cost-effective way to invite feedback.

Direct Inbound Dial

Directly transfer customers from a service call to a feedback session via an internal 1-800 number

QR Code

These simple-to-scan symbols take your customers directly to a mobile customer feedback survey.

Print Media/Store Signage

Eye-catching, in-store print materials draw attention to feedback channels, as well as the incentives for sharing.


More than Just Scores

The heart of the Experience Hub is its ability to understand not just scores and responses but customers’ actual stories. We use a variety of sophisticated technologies to help you explore those stories in deeper, more impactful ways, to drive better business results.

Text Analytics

The Best Text Analytics Deliver the Best Insights

Not all text analytics solutions are created equal, and the details matter. InMoment’s text analytics are built on the same Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine used by IBM’s Watson with additional layers of proprietary technology added to fine-tune our capabilities to the customer feedback process, as well as specific industry vocabularies. We can also calibrate text analytics to individual client needs.

Our text analytics are fully integrated across all of our products, infusing each alert, report, dashboard, and app with richer, more timely information that employees at every level can easily understand and act on. And our global text analytics combined with our tested multilingual collection and reporting capabilities give you the tools to listen to, understand, and share more customer stories—no matter where they are or what language they speak.

Predictive Analytics

Predict Future Customer Health with Advanced Analytics

Customers today are inundated with choices—it can be challenging for businesses to know what their customers will do next. How will they interact with the business? Will they remain loyal or move on to a competitor? Will a new product resonate with certain customer segments or not? Will they spend more or less at certain points in their journey?

InMoment combines powerful data visualization with innovative predictive analytics to reveal predictive insights most relevant to our clients. Dashboards and detailed reports can be automatically routed to staff responsible for taking action. Powerful predictive insights include:

  • Churn prevention
  • Customer segmentation
  • Revenue at risk
  • Customer lifetime value
  • Much more, depending on what type of customer data is present

Read the Case Study to read about how one brand is utilizing InMoment’s predictive analytics to gain valuable business insights.

CX Analyst Tool

A simple, yet powerful self-serve tool for analyzing and visualizing big customer data

Today’s challenge isn’t collecting more data; it’s understanding and driving good business decisions from the data you already have. InMoment’s CX Analyst Tool allows you to access and analyze large quantities of current customer data—on the fly and from multiple sources—to create flexible, customized, and interactive views of your customers’ experiences. With this perspective, you can understand and compare current and past data to spot trends, identify emerging issues and opportunities, and acquire predictive insights to inform future action.


Keeping the Voice in “Voice of Customer”

Including “voice” as an option in your feedback toolkit is the only way to ensure your customers can tell their stories however and wherever they feel most comfortable. InMoment uses one of the most accurate audio language processing systems available to transcribe voice comments in real time. We then apply our text analytics to surface both the facts and nuances your customers want to convey.

Speech-to-Text Specs

One hundred hours of recorded speech can be transcribed and analyzed in one hour

Live conversations are converted instantly to enhance structured feedback data

Instead of searching for only predetermined phrases, speech-to-text analyzes comments in their entirety to find every available insight

Voice tone and pitch are analyzed to determine whether a customer comment is urgent, angry, excited, or happy

Custom Reports

Easy-to-consume, branded reports for understanding your VoC data

Your brand is unique—and that means that sometimes you need just a little extra customization in your voice of customer (VoC) reporting to ensure you get the most from your customers’ stories. However, what you need may not require a high-level analytics tool.

If you’re looking for a way to combine large quantities of VoC data into an easy-to consume report, InMoment’s Custom Reports are the answer. Using this solution, you can tailor reports in unique ways, visualize large amounts of your VoC data, and brand the report for your unique business.

Data Integrity

The Value of Veracity

Authentic customer stories are priceless. The InMoment Experience Hub provides protective measures that ensure the integrity of your customer insights, so you can make confident decisions for reliable results.

Prevent Fraud

The first step in ensuring the integrity of your customer data is proactively identifying and preventing the input of fraudulent data.


After completing front-end screening of responses, we perform macro-scale data analysis on your customer feedback to detect red flags within the normal patterns and trends of your data.


Sometimes understanding requires a personal touch. The InMoment Experience Hub pairs sophisticated technology with human expertise in the form of Support Services and Consulting to provide greater value over the lifetime of our relationship with your brand.

Our Support Services are the day-to-day infrastructure that keeps your program relevant and running smoothly—without the constant worry of being nickeled and dimed.

Client Advisors

Client advisors work with you throughout the implementation and execution of your feedback initiatives, ensuring all activities support your objectives.

Program Setup and Design

InMoment works with you to design an experience program that matches your culture and business objectives from start to finish: From selecting just the right invitation to choosing how the information is packaged and presented to specific roles within your company.

Program Implementation

Your brand has unique needs, just like every one of your customers does. Our team creates custom customer satisfaction surveys, feedback channels, text analytics keywords & tags, data integrity controls, and real-time alerting to ensure your VoC feedback program meets your specific business requirements.

Ongoing Program Support

Your customer experience program is an important part of your business, so you need someone who knows it as well as you do. When you choose InMoment, you get a team of experts who help you every step of the way. Depending on your needs, they will help you present executive reviews, run reports, and participate in the ongoing evaluation and adjustment of your surveys.

Executive Reviews

You can’t plan where you’re going if you don’t know where you’ve been. InMoment uses macro-scale analysis of your brand’s customer data to evaluate the effectiveness of your VoC program over time. Through ongoing consultation with your team, our client advisors reveal stunning insights and help you create a roadmap for improving your brand’s customer experience.


Important Stories Must Be Shared

Once customer stories are collected and actionable insights surfaced, the Experience Hub packages them inside our Voice of Customer, Employee Engagement, and Social Advocacy and Review products, which share brand, business, and relationship-building information inside your organization—and out.

Executive Dashboard

Executive Dashboards combine customer insights from virtually any data source and type with advanced analytics to create powerful, easy-to-understand visualizations. These visualizations give you a strategic view of your business to help you understand the past, present, and future state of your customer experience in a single glance.


Focus is an interactive mobile application that provides tailored, persona-based reporting to employees at all levels of the organization. Easy-to-use, real-time access to the essential information they need allows managers to coach employees and rescue unhappy customers, while insightful dashboards give leadership the ability to target and act on the factors most impact their customers’ experiences.

It’s time. Elevate your customer experience.

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