Find Hidden Patterns and Trends in Your Data

Your Always-On Analyst

Your customers are talking, and listening to them is critical, but it’s impossible to spend all day monitoring your customer data to detect emerging issues and understand new insights.

InMoment’s Discover constantly analyzes your data, giving your analyst team a place to start digging in to your customer feedback. This allows you to uncover statistically significant patterns, trends, and anomalies more quickly.


Automatic Awareness of Significant Events

Automatic detection of anomalies means you can keep your attention on other strategic business objectives, knowing that you’ll be alerted if customers are speaking about a particular issue in a significant way.

Understand the “Why” Behind Your Data

In addition to the anomaly itself, Discover also brings to light all the surrounding meaningful, contextual information, so in one glance, you can understand the who, what, where, when, and—most importantly—why.

Get to Insights More Quickly

Because Discover is always running, it quickly identifies patterns and themes in your data, eliminating the need to hunt for them. In turn, you can more quickly uncover root cause, gain a deeper understanding of the issue, and address it before it gets out of hand.

Prioritize Based on Impact

Not only does Discover deliver real-time intelligence on important anomalies and trends, it also Discover ingests your historical data to create a baseline of normalcy in scores and comments. When it finds an abnormality in the data, Discover alerts you automatically. It also displays how far outside of the norm the anomaly is, as well as its impact on your main scoring metric, so you know which issues to take action on first.


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