Improve Your Bottom Line by Closing the Loop with Your Customers


Understand and Resolve Customer Issues

No matter how good of an experience your business provides, customer complaints are going to happen, and you simply cannot afford to leave these issues unresolved. To do this effectively, you need to get to the root cause of a customer’s complaint and act on that information before it’s too late.


Quickly Uncover Root Cause

InMoment’s closed loop solution gives frontline employees the power to resolve individual customer concerns while also helping executives understand larger patterns and trends. The ability to quickly uncover root cause allows you to more effectively reduce customer churn and positively impact revenue.


Take Action with ResolveTM

The InMoment solution provides standard case management tools alongside innovative features and functionality that give you a better way to close the loop with your customers.


InMoment’s Resolve doesn’t just help you track customer issues; our technology offers real-time insights into your CX and helps reduce customer churn by turning negative experiences into positives.


Uncover root cause and empower your employees to improve the customer experience.


Smart prioritization pushes important cases to the top of your list, where they’re filtered by urgency, time remaining, and when the case was created.


Visualize and share opportunities for improvement across all levels of the organization.

Resolve is a simple, effective way to empower employees to manage, track, prioritize, and resolve customer experience cases, communicate with customers, and get insights on where additional coaching is needed.

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