Active Listening

How You Listen Matters

Unstructured feedback in the form of comments is invaluable in understanding and connecting with customers. Active ListenIng applies text analytics in a unique, patent-pending way to get more actionable data and make the feedback process a more engaging, positive experience for your customers.


Get more—and more useful—data

When you show customers that you truly care enough to really listen, and encourage them to tell their stories in their own words, both the quantity and quality of comments will increase.

Better information for better action

More detailed stories allow you to understand exactly what you’re doing well and what needs improve­ment. “The service was good, but the room was dingy and smelled funny” is infinitely more helpful than, “It was OK.”

Improve the experience

In well-intended attempts to “dig deeper” with customers, it’s easy to slip into interrogation mode. Active ListenIng recog­nizes that giving feedback is an important part of customers’ overall experience with our clients. The friendly nature of Active ListenIng helps make feedback a positive experience in the relationship between your brand and your customers.

Keep the questions relevant

Tailoring questions on the fly allows you to dig deeper into the topics customers really care about and get more insightful, actionable data.

How It Works

Strength Meter

The strength meter rises as the customer types, providing a visual cue that gently encourages them to tell more of their story.

Follow Up

Follow Up presents additional questions in real time to invite customers to share additional detail. For example, if a customer says, “The staff was great” follow up will ask something like, “Can you tell us more about what made the staff great?”

Drill Down

When customers mention a word or topic such as a new product, or area of concern, Drill Down presents specific questions to gain deeper understanding. Drill Down can also trigger off of scores to get to the bottom of what a customer experienced and why they gave a particular score.

Comment Reminders

Comment Reminders will appear if a customer leaves a comment too short to contain any insights—or no comment at all—to increase the amount of actionable feedback you receive.

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