News: The Customer Service Five

December 15, 2014

These five common ingredients are found in some of the industry’s most successful customer-centric brands.

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It’s mid-September and Thom Crosby is on the road again. Every six months, Crosby, the CEO of Pal’s Sudden Service, a 26-unit chain with stores across Tennessee and Virginia, joins Pal’s founder Fred Barger for a road trip. The pair visit all 26 stores, leading quality and system audits at each stop.

“Everything from speed of service to friendliness at the window,” Crosby says.

Upon a visit’s completion, each store receives its tally, a mark then distributed to every other store in the Pal’s system. Crosby calls the in-store audits an essential piece of Pal’s heralded customer service program and one of the many drivers fueling the company’s longstanding mission to delight every customer in a way that creates loyalty.

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