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The Insights You Need When You Need Them

Often, the answers to your questions can be found in your existing data. But, when you truly have a need for more customer intelligence, the ability to send out quick pulse surveys can help uncover those insights. Our market surveys were designed to help you gather feedback quickly about topics that fall outside your standing CX program: answers to questions about recent product launches, new campaigns and more.

Gather Intelligence Quickly from Your Customers

Our market surveys allow you to quickly build and edit short surveys within the InMoment platform. With multiple question types and logic, you can ensure your survey collects data that is useful and actionable. The ability to customize the design and visuals to your brand guidelines allows a consistent brand image across your programs.

Get Feedback from the Groups You Choose

Our market surveys make it easy to create and send out email campaigns to your customer groups. With the ability to create and choose your own groups, the platform provides the flexibility to request feedback from the customer segments you want to hear from.

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Understand Customer Sentiment in Real-time

Traditional market research takes months or years to complete. With InMoment’s market surveys, you can create, send, and analyze feedback from and about your customers in hours and days. Results are displayed in easy-to-read and easy-to-share reports via the InMoment reporting suite, ensuring you get the intelligence you need to make effective business decisions.

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