[Case Study] Growth That Inspires Smiles

Case Study – May 8, 2017

While Arby’s has a large, loyal fan base across 3,300 restaurants worldwide, in the early 2000s the company experienced stalled sales and a mixed reception to marketing messages. Through a targeted and strategic remaking of itself—staying true to its mission to offer unique, fast crafted fare (a term the company trademarked)—Arby’s sought to appeal to a broader customer base. But it wasn’t just the revamped menu, playful messaging (e.g., We Have the Meats), and a better understanding of its position in the market.

As Arby’s relaunched its brand and began to experience an inspired growth and resurgence, it quickly became apparent that its existing guest experience assessment model was no longer effective. And therefore, a refresh of the platform, much like a revitalization of the brand, took place to bring more purpose to its guest experience program.

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