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  • [Podcast] Getting to the "Why" Behind Your Data with Hub 2.0

    By now, most businesses have learned how to get basic data like what products are being purchased, who is buying the product, where products best perform, etc. Until now, what hasn't been as easy to acquire is the most important question: Why?Join Joel Diamond, our director of product, and Meghan Mitton, our director of product marketing, as they discuss the pain points associated with unstructured data, and how to get to the "why" with the new solutions launched in Experience Hub 2. 0, the next generation of InMoment's customer experience (CX) platform. You'll get a taste of features like Resolve, which focuses on prioritizing escalating issues, and Explore, a fast and efficient way to identify patterns in unstructured data, as well as Voice of Employee (VoE), a revolutionary approach to empowering employees while leveraging their frontline insights to address CX problems before they happen.

    Podcast – October 19th, 2016
  • Welcome to the VoCX Podcast Series

    Welcome to the Voice of Customer Experience — or VoCX — podcast series that we’ll be presenting to highlight best practices, trends, new technologies and success stories from some of the greatest minds and brands in customer experience. To kick off the series, we have Lonnie Mayne, president here at InMoment. Lonnie is a seasoned CX executive, speaker, CXPA board member and passionate CX advocate. .

    Podcast – October 4th, 2016
  • Driving Long-Term Loyalty vs. Short-Term Behavior

    Is customer loyalty dead? James Bolle, InMoment’s head of client services for the EMEA, answers that question in an interview originally conducted at the 20:20 Customer Experience Summit in London. .

    Podcast – October 4th, 2016
  • Five Pillars of New Look’s Customer Service Strategy

    How do you empower employees to deliver a superior customer experience? Chloe Sherriff, Customer Experience Manager at New Look—a fashion retailer with more than 700 stores worldwide—addresses this issue in a presentation at the 20:20 Customer Experience Summit in London. .

    Podcast – October 4th, 2016
  • Five Fundamentals of Effective CX Management

    How do organizations move from survey programs to true customer experience management? Erich Dietz, VP of Worldwide Strategic Accounts at InMoment outlines five fundamentals to engaging customers and employees as part of a roundtable discussion with CRM Magazine. .

    Podcast – October 4th, 2016
  • CX: Art of the Possible

    As Customer Experience (CX) evolves, the most successful brands are moving away from a simplistic survey/score philosophy to leveraging CX as a comprehensive, necessary driver of change. But making that leap isn’t easy. It’s a complex process that requires strong, skilled leadership, world-class technology, and an unwavering commitment to execution. Erich Dietz, author of “CX: The Art of the Possible” and vice president worldwide strategic accounts at InMoment, discusses the process through the lens of a variety of CX leaders.

    Webinar – September 7th, 2016
  • Learn » Client Success

    Engaging, Enlightening, and Empowering Members Helps Solarity Credit Union Increase NPS by 40 Percent

    Solarity Credit Union knew the importance of listening to members but were having difficulty gathering anything but anecdotal evidence. Using InMoment, they were able to gather more customer feedback, gain a deeper understanding of their customers, and share those insights within their organization. Click Here to Download PDF.

    Case Study – August 5th, 2016
  • Learn » Client Success

    Global Fashion Retailer, New Look, Redefines Value and Reaps Benefits

    For most of its existence, New Look’s brand promise was centered on delivering fast-fashion clothing at low prices. As customer expectations changed, the company discovered that this simple proposition was no longer enough. While price remains a consideration, their customers want to have a more compelling experience. Click Here to Download PDF.

    Case Study – August 5th, 2016
  • Learn » Client Success

    H&R Block: Delivering Great Client Experiences in a High-Pressure Environment

    Because so much of H&R Block’s business is condensed into a short and intense timeframe, collecting and analyzing client feedback—and then getting those insights back to the people and places in the organization in time to make a difference—is especially challenging. To address the unique challenges H&R Block has in delivering a great client experience, he and his team created a five-point program. Click Here to Download PDF.

    Case Study – August 5th, 2016
  • Engage Your Employees. Boost Your CX Success.

    If you’re ready to take your CX program to the next level, complementing your existing VoC efforts with an employee engagement program can dramatically increase your customers’ overall satisfaction with your brand. Take a look at our most recent infographic to find out how to improve your brand’s CX success by investing in employee engagement. .

    Infographic – April 27th, 2016
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