Purchases Are Investments in Identity & Quality of Life

Retail purchases are intertwined with a shopper’s life, image, and identity. What is a “want” and what is a “need” is in the eye of the shopper. Confronted with variety and influenced by impulses, your customers have different levers, all at play when entering a boutique, a big box store, or an online shop.

Retail VoC Text Analytics

Unstructured Data & Open-Ended Comments

With the InMoment VoC Text Analytics Suite, no feedback goes to waste. Every word, phrase, and theme within every customer comment is weighed for business implication, crosschecked with existing intelligence, and applied to your tailored company initiatives. This sub-second process produces more real-time business insights than any other Voice of Customer (VoC) management method—and because it runs on open-ended commentary, you can explore the entire customer experience using shorter, more customer-friendly surveys.

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  • Text Analytics
    Customer comments contain the meaning of the moment—and our text analytics automate the extraction of that meaning for you.

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Omnichannel for Every Touchpoint

Store Front + Website + Contact Center

Get the total package. Track your customer’s experience across store fronts, support calls, and site visits. Create consistency in your brand’s customer experience that transcends location and channel type. InMoment omnichannel reporting integration delivers real-time insights based on every touchpoint in your comprehensive consumer strategy.

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  • Platform
    Our platform is a hub of omnichannel activity. It brings together all your customer experience data, segmented by moments.

Management Dashboard

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Key Performance Indicators for Consistent Improvement

The InMoment Management Dashboard elevates and illustrates the most important customer metrics in your business. Managers at any level can track a location’s performance—at a glance. And they can go from an overview to a root cause—with a click. This single set of instruments, gauges, and controls is tuned in to every unique operational need your organization can think of.

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  • Reporting
    InMoment role-specific reporting provides the empowerment your company headcount needs to transform insights into ROI.


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Social Media Engagement and Brand Advocacy

The customer satisfaction created by your organization’s consistent high-quality execution can be a powerful business tool—but it must first be converted from passive goodwill into active word-of-mouth marketing. GoRecommend™ converts satisfied customers into brand advocates by concluding surveys with an invitation to share personalized positive brand experiences on popular social networks and review sites.

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