Purchases Are Investments in Identity & Quality of Life

Retail purchases are intertwined with a shopper’s life, image, and identity. What is a “want” and what is a “need” is in the eye of the shopper. Confronted with variety and influenced by impulses, your customers have different levers, all at play when entering a boutique, a big box store, or an online shop.

Retail Text Analytics

Only Automated Analysis Keeps Up with Real-Time Business

Identifying the trends woven throughout a thousand customer comments, and pinning down the root cause behind your most meaningful results—in service, selection, and overall quality—can be extremely time-consuming. Or it can be automated. Our accelerated text analytics models process natural language alongside customer experience data to produce simple and effective insights in a fraction of a second.

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  • Text Analytics
    Customer comments contain the meaning of the moment—and our text analytics automate the extraction of that meaning for you.

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Omnichannel for Every Touchpoint

In Store. Online. By Phone. Every Experience Matters.

Retail customers do their shopping across a variety of channels and assorted lengths of time. They’ll pop into your store, click through your website, call in with questions, and build a relationship with your brand along the way. Our omnichannel customer experience reporting allows you to track, optimize, and harmonize the touchpoints in your customer journey for a consistent, seamless experience.

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  • Consulting
    Map and isolate key customer and employee metrics to assess their roles in your end results and deliver a clear ROI.

Dashboards & Reports

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Instructions & Incentives—When Simple & Instant—Help Us All

Across even the best organizations—yes, even yours—there’s room for improvement. Mistakes and miscues still occur that could be cleaned up with clearer instructions and incentives. By coupling complete customer experience data with real-time, role-specific reporting capabilities, we give you the aggregate visual metrics and individual customer stories you need to increase employee engagement and performance.

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  • Reporting
    InMoment role-specific reporting provides the empowerment your company headcount needs to transform insights into ROI.
  • Employee Engagement
    Engaged employees inspire customer loyalty. Our employee engagement products enable an open, enjoyable brand experience.

Social Advocacy & Reputation Improvement

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If They’ll Pay for It, They’ll Promote It

Any brand or product worth a customer’s time and money has succeeded in passing their thought process, and its name has usually escaped their lips. People do (almost) everything for a reason, and—when satisfied—they’ll stand by their choice publicly. GoRecommend™ helps you convert satisfied customers into brand advocates, while OpenTell™ enlists real customers to accurately build your online reputation.

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