Multimedia Feedback

There is an integral relationship between profitability, customer loyalty, employee satisfaction, and productivity. Giving employees a variety of ways to share their feedback brings their experiences to life and enriches metrics with video, images, and voice. Transform numbers into powerful stories that motivate, inspire, and drive action within the organization.

Hear How Your Employees Feel

InMoment’s video feedback gives employees the ability to leave you a video message via their mobile devices, tablets or desktop/laptops, allowing them to speak naturally about what matters most. Hearing the stories, and seeing the facial expressions and body language directly from your employees adds a completely new level of understanding and emotion.

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See What Your Employees are Experiencing

At InMoment, we are committed to not just collecting this new, rich source of data, but also to using data science to harness the sentiment, emotion, context, and depth it contains, something that has been largely impossible to this point. As we do, we can provide supplemental value to traditional metrics-based approaches with human stories.

Build Strong Relationships with Employees

Engaging employees on their terms and mediums isn’t just a nice thing to do; it’s essential. Feedback can and should be an opportunity to enrich, not alienate. When employees feel they are heard and appreciated, it creates a positive cycle of engagement and growth.

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