Employee Lifecycle

Everyone knows how important the customer journey is, but what about the employee journey? Research shows a strong connection between happy employees and happy customers. We enable your business to collect feedback from new hires on their on-boarding, check in to see how an employee feels about a major change happening in the company, or perform a short monthly check-in to gauge employee morale.

Value Your Employees

InMoment makes listening to and understanding employees easy. We make sure the employees’ voice is heard and that feedback is being collected at relevant times in their journey, not just annually as a formality or when they eventually decide to leave.

Empower Your Employees to Succeed

With InMoment, managers and employees can receive customer feedback about their performance. Hearing directly from customers in their own words provides powerful motivation, specific guidance on how to improve, and first-hand recognition of what customers appreciate most.

Understand the Voice of Your Employees

Today’s employees want to contribute to the success of your brand. They want to feel connected and like they’re contributing in a real way. Voice of Employee gives them a platform to help affect change at the brand level by sharing their perspective on the customer experience and how to improve it.

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