Dashboards & Reporting

We believe every business should have access to reliable analytics to make data-driven decisions. Our approach to reporting takes advantage of all the latest technology advancements of storing and processing large amounts of data, allowing you to create custom reports and dashboards in seconds. With reporting that spans customer, employee, and market data, your business has a more integrated view of how all lines of intelligence tie together.

Create a Positive Workplace Culture

With the XI Platform, employee experience data reveals key behaviors or drivers of engagement and enables action planning to drive cultural improvements. With the EX Cloud, managers can easily view, understand, and take action on at-risk employees. Our advanced analytics and data sciences allow reporting tiers to help you better understand how top, average, and low performers engagement and risk.

Measure Leadership Performance with 360 Feedback Reporting

Evaluate leadership perception and alignment with organizational goals with reporting that brings feedback from managers, peers, and subordinates into a single place. The 360 Feedback report gives managers an easy-to-understand view into how staff perceive their performance on leadership competencies and the alignment with company vision.

Tailored Reporting for Every Employee

Every user is different, but each user—whether a frontline manager or an executive—wants the right information quickly, so they can take quick, informed action. At InMoment, we focus on serving each user the data he or she needs to do the job with the fewest clicks possible, so they can stop focusing on numbers and start focusing on action.

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