Multimedia Feedback

While traditional surveys and text responses are a crucial part of any CX program, customers want to interact with your brand in more ways than ever. It’s imperative that you enable your customers to leave feedback in the channel and method that works best for them.

Voice: Meet Customers Where They Are

Voice comments enable longer, richer stories. Video feedback lets you see the customer and increases empathy as you hear about their experience. Image upload actually shows you what success and failure look like to the customer. Leverage each collection method and listen to customers in the way they want to be heard.

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Image: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Images provide tangible proof of both positive and negative customer experiences. Allowing your customers to share images provides an extra layer of context, emotion, and analysis that goes beyond comments.

Video: A Deeper Level of Understanding

Traditional surveys work well to help you understand how you’re performing against specific measures, but they often can’t get to the heart of how customers really feel about their experiences. Video goes one step further, giving customers the freedom to express themselves on their own terms. It also captures expressions and body language that help you understand the facts and emotions that make up an experience.

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