Your CX program shouldn’t—and can’t—operate in a silo. Other solutions, software, and sources of data can and should be used alongside your customer experience data. That’s why we’ve built our platform with integrations in mind.

Level Up Your Program with Integrations

Bring in data from virtually source and gain a more holistic view of what customers, employees, and the marketplace at large are saying about your brand. Other integrations allow you to store and disseminate insights from the XI Platform. Users can view existing partnerships all within the platform and then choose to connect to plug-and-play integrations.

Remove Silos, Increase Collaboration

To unlock the value of your data, stakeholders from the c-suite to frontline managers need access to the intelligence your CX program provides. InMoment has integrated with a number of business workflow solutions, like Slack, enabling users to access experience data and insights easily.

Bring in Data from Virtually Any Source

While many customers still respond to traditional surveys, others are leaving feedback on popular review sites or posting on social media. To ensure that you’re hearing every customer’s feedback, our solution integrates with social and review sites, telephony systems, contact center chat and call records, and much more.

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