Digital Suite

Gain a better understanding of your customer experience by gathering customer feedback at each stage of the online experience, from online browsing, to pre-purchase, purchase, order fulfillment, delivery, and order completion.

Ask the Right People the Right Questions at the Right Time

Collecting feedback online requires a strategic approach. You never want to waste your customer’s time. Nevertheless, feedback helps inform your decisions and ultimately helps improve the customer experience. Leveraging our digital suite and its configurable triggers allows you to ask customers the right questions at the most relevant time in their online journey.

Quickly Understand Online Customer Issues

An always-on feedback tab gives customers the opportunity to share any problems they’re running into while using your site. Or, set up an intercept to appear if a customer remains on a page for an extended period of time. Ask your customers about their experience in a timely and targeted way to find out about issues before one-off issues become widespread.

Manage and Configure Intercepts in Minutes

Whether you’re on mobile or desktop, creating new intercepts is a painless process. Once created, intercepts can simply be toggled on and off, allowing you to target specific users when it makes sense for them.

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