Case Management & Alerts

InMoment case management helps you seamlessly handle customer cases by alerting you when they occur, prioritizing them, and recommending the best course of action to resolve each one. Communicate directly with your customers and track the progress from case creation to case closed. Incorporate the voice of your employees to gain a new perspective on customer concerns and how to resolve them.

Reduce Customer Churn with Real-time Alerts

Turn negative experiences into positive ones by addressing problems before they have a chance to escalate. Through real-time alerts via mobile push notifications, text messages, and email, it’s easier than ever to stay connected with customer cases.

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From Individual Cases to High-level Trends

Cases are based on specific customer experiences. But they are often more than isolated incidents with individual customers. Sometimes they are a symptom of a larger issue you need to address. Effectively manage, prioritize, and understand singular incidents and widespread occurrences.

Capture More of the Story with Voice of Employee

Get a different perspective on the customer experience by including the voice of your employees. Staff members handling a case can leave their comments with recommendations for improvement and actions they took to resolve the issue.

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