Advanced Analytics

Working directly with your customer experience data can be intimidating and overwhelming. It can be difficult to know that you are drawing the right intelligence and conclusions from your sources when relying on your own manual efforts. With InMoment’s advanced analytics, it’s easier than ever to understand your customers, predict their future behavior, and make the right decisions for your team’s goals and needs.

Turn Your Unwieldy Data into Clear Answers

Sifting through mountains of data can be tedious, and interpreting it correctly can seem impossible. InMoment’s advanced analytics capabilities give you the ability to quantify unstructured customer feedback. Instead of reading through thousands of individual comments, our text analytics solutions can analyze the words of the customer to gauge their experience.

Make Smarter Business Decisions that Improve Loyalty

Advanced analytics will empower you to make smarter decisions that positively impact customer satisfaction and loyalty. Dig deeper into your customer experience data to uncover the trends and patterns impacting your business; then mobilize these insights to drive the right changes within your organization.

Use Predictive Models to Forecast Future Behavior

Powerful predictive models will help you identify trends and patterns to forecast risks and opportunities, including churn/attrition, revenue, customer segments, likelihood to return/recommend, and much more. Leverage these insights to forecast your customers’ future behavior.

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