Action Planning

Arm your organization’s managers with individualized feedback on how they can develop the personnel at their location. Solve service and satisfaction concerns before they become a problem. Our coaching tools powered by advanced data sciences produce a clear course of action for employees who have an opportunity for improvement—and recognizes those individuals who are exceeding expectations.

Focus on Key Behaviors that Drive Satisfaction

Your frontline employees have the greatest impact on your customer experience. But to do that, they need insights and recommendations tailored specifically to them. Identify the key behaviors that impact your main performance metrics, and provide your employees with a clear action plan for improvement.

Communicate Consistent Feedback to Employees

Provide members of your team with automated recommendations on how to improve their performance. With peer comparisons and the ability to rank the top strengths and opportunities of your employees, your location and regional managers will be armed with the insights they need to elevate your business.

See How Teams Are Progressing on Their Goals

A plan is only as powerful as its follow-through. Measure the improvement in your brand’s satisfaction scores as your employees implement positive behavioral changes prescribed from advanced analytics.

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