A/B Testing

Our A/B testing solution enables you to measure the impact of organizational changes and initiatives to see how they affect your customers’ experiences. Use test and control groups to assess performance before, during, and after implementing a new initiative.

Monitor Specific Changes to Assess Their Impact

Gain greater intelligence and understanding about the impact on initiatives on your main satisfaction metrics. With before and after comparisons, you can make better data-driven decisions on new campaigns, policies, products, and more.

Determine the Issues, and We’ll Take It From There

Save the time and trouble of performing analysis manually. Simply determine the areas you want to watch, and InMoment’s always-on monitoring will keep tabs on these key areas of change within your business.

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Provide More Value Across Your Organization

Any stakeholder in your company, whether in marketing, HR, product, operations, or any other department can use A/B testing to easily visualize and communicate the progress of their initiatives. It’s easy to monitor multiple initiatives at any time, providing more value from customer experience data across your entire organization.

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