Why I Love Working at Mindshare Technologies – One Year In

February 14, 2011

Photo Credit: Love is not Blind - Lel4nd
I know, I know … you think I chose this topic because it’s great ‘marketing spin’ and ‘brand positioning’ for me to write a blog post about my magical time at Mindshare. After all, I am the VP of Marketing and those are things I should be presenting to our readers. But this couldn’t be more of the opposite. After working here for nearly a year, I am impressed and in awe of what a well-rounded company I have landed in.

I could think of nothing more fitting for my first blog post than to share some of what makes me love this company so much.

Let’s briefly review the beginning shall we?

I initially chose to join Mindshare for a few simple reasons:

Profitable: Mindshare is built for longevity with a clear business model and direction.
Leadership Team: Very few companies can claim such a quality, successful, and driven team.
Quality Product: I bet our competition wishes they could claim such a solid customer retention rate.
Opportunity: I love environments where everyone has an impact, is responsible for success, and is rewarded for their contribution.

Okay, but what about now, 12 months later?

So far the largest factor in my job satisfaction has been the quality people Mindshare hires. Our EVP of Sales, Lonnie Mayne, told me in my first week on the job, “We only hire the best of the best, and then we make them better”. He wasn’t kidding around. I couldn’t have found a larger pot of human gold.

Here’s what I’m part of:

Everyone has a sense of urgency. With responding to our e- mails, phone calls, requests, etc.
We feel personally successful when our clients succeed. We become an extension of their business and take their success personally.
We support each other. No one says ‘no’ to a request for help. We even have a weekly staff meeting where employees’ take turns sharing their personal ‘secrets of success.’
Everyone has a strong ‘intellectual curiosity’ and loves learning new things. Our head of HR loves the intellectual challenge of Craps, our President who became fascinated with and built a custom wood clock, our Director of Account Management is obsessed with ancient manuscripts, our Social Media Manager is making a documentary just to learn how… Imagine the conversations we have each day while getting to know each other.
We all work hard, and it’s important, but so is having fun. Employees play basketball together twice a week, the kitchen is full of free treats (unlimited Dr Pepper), office pranks often await a vacationing coworker, addictive laughter fills the air, potlucks, book-clubs, retreats, bring your pet (child?) into work day, our Mindshare volleyball team competes in a local rec. league, and every member of the development team is armed with an arsenal of Nerf guns.
We give back through community support.

It’s not just me that likes everyone here either; I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many of our clients. The marketer in me comes out – I want to know why they switched to us from our competition, and why they’ve stayed with us for so long. If I hadn’t actually known this team first, I would’ve been surprised that everyone kept reiterating their love for our responsive and personable team. ‘Innovation’, ‘genius’, other marketing-power words can’t be faked when our customers are getting to know us.

There is no substitute for getting a team together of intelligent, passionate, and easy-to-work-with people. Great things are bound to happen.

The people at Mindshare Technologies are its brand, and I love being part of it.