Turning Comments in Social Media into Great Experiences

November 30, 2012

QSRJust last month, I was fortunate to co-host a webinar with QSR Magazine where I discussed how savvy food service brands could take some of the confusion around social media and turn it into a powerful tool to deliver better guest experiences.

We’ve all seen the statistics and the trends that show how social media and social review sites are quickly becoming the channel of choice for customers to voice their opinions (both good and bad) of their dining experiences. The challenge for restaurant brands is filtering out all the online noise to be able to answer a few simple questions.

First brands need to be able to answer the question “What are people saying about us online?” Social media and online review sites are not only dynamic, but the posts that are left behind can be a lasting reflection of a brand’s perception. It’s because of this that brands must have strategies in place, along with the appropriate supporting tools to keep a finger on the pulse of what customers are saying.

This level of understanding is particularly important for location managers as the specific and nuanced expectations of local customer segments often require drastic changes from general brand guidelines.

Another, perhaps more important, question that the vast amount of feedback data can help brands to answer is “what do we do now?” Customer experience management programs have increasingly moved beyond simply reporting on operational execution, towards actually driving the type of focused actions that can improve local experiences. Feedback provided by customers online, if viewed in the appropriate context, are an exciting new channel of feedback that can further enhance these action driving efforts.

For those of you who may have missed the webinar session, or for those who perhaps want a second or third viewing, How Social Media Can Drive Local Action is now available streaming online. I encourage all of you to spend some time to watch it. The topics being covered are timely and informative. For some of you it might even be the most entertaining 60 minutes of your day. But, I’m a bit biased since I was a presenter.  🙂

In the session you’ll learn:

  • How social media and social review sites fit into the landscape of guest feedback
  • What types of feedback are the most relevant to local operators
  • How local operators can use social media feedback alongside feedback from other sources to drive focused actions to improve the guest experience
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Also please let me know if you do in fact find the topics we cover to be of value. I’m always open to feedback and also open to ideas for additional topics that you’d like us to look into as well.