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  • Hub 2.0: A European Perspective

    There's a strong belief that the United States is more "mature" than other countries when it comes to Customer Experience. And while the U. S. may have been an early adopter of many CX best practices and technologies, many European brands have been paying close attention, learning from the missteps that accompanies the untested.

    hub2dot0 – October 20th, 2016
  • Welcome to Hub 2.0

    Data has always been able to answer questions like these: Where is our product performing best? Who is buying our product? When do we have the most customers? What is being bought?The who, what, where, and when have always been easy to get to, but data hasn’t always answered the most important question: Why? Like a needle in a haystack, the “why” is there, but only for those businesses who have the tools to look for it. That’s why we’re excited to announce the newest version of the InMoment customer experience optimization platform: Hub 2. 0. Hub 2.

    platform, hub2dot0, product – October 18th, 2016