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Red Shoes Experience

At the beginning of the year, I was given responsibility for the thing I care most about as a businessman and a consumer: the customer experience.

All the principles and practices that I have learned and applied over the years to maintain an advantage in the sales world—simple things like kindness, respect, and sincerity—fit so well with Mindshare’s culture that they handed me the opportunity to lead out in making sure our clients keenly understand how much we appreciate them.

And that, my friends, is the story of how I got the best job in the world.

My New Passion

I have seen so many examples of outstanding customer experiences, each one created by an individual or two willing to do a little more than just meet minimum requirements. These experiences are what drive customer loyalty, because they create a lasting positive connection between a company and its guests. Thanks to the standout nature of these moments, I decided to dub them “red shoes experiences.”

Since March of this year, I’ve been using any spare time that I can find to post blog entries spotlighting the people who’ve been “caught” delivering red shoes experiences. The blog is called (surprise!) Red Shoes Experience, and updating it has been very good for me: While I’ve always felt pretty “tuned in” to the customer experience, my new hobby has made me even more sensitive to the details that go into the customer experience.


A Happy Philosophy

I feel that creating red shoes experiences, and highlighting others who do, makes the world a better place. Literally. Happy people who love people create exceptional experiences—which creates even more happy customers. This may sound warm and fuzzy, and that’s because it is. I mean, who wants to deal with unhappy people? No one does!

I emphatically believe this. Mindshare is a great example of this belief, and our focus on it has resulted in partnerships and friendships that go beyond business. We lead with improving the experience in all that we do, and the byproduct is consistent and real growth as an organization.


In Our Offices

Stop by Mindshare sometime and I’m pretty sure you will see a few of my associates wearing red shoes, or, more importantly, delivering red shoes experiences. We focus on both the internal customer (our employees) and the external customer (our Mindshare clients), so we can deliver exceptional experiences to both of them in every single interaction.

When you do this, and mean it, the results always follow. So, while you’re lacing up your own red shoes, I invite you to visit to read about other “Red Shoes Rock Stars” for inspiration. Then go out and deliver!