Hub 2.0: A European Perspective

hub2dot0 – October 20th, 2016

There's a strong belief that the United States is more "mature" than other countries when it comes to Customer Experience. And while the U.S. may have been an early adopter of many CX best practices and technologies, many European brands have been paying close attention, learning from the missteps that accompanies the untested. InMoment's Head of Client Services, EMEA, James Bolle, weighs in with how the innovative capabilities of InMoment's next-gen CX platform, Experience Hub 2.0, will impact Europe's ability to not just catch up, but even surge ahead in some areas.

Customer Experience in Europe is at a turning point. As the industry matures and data become more plentiful, people's questions are less about the mechanics of collecting feedback and basic insights such as "Who are my customers?" and "Where and when are they scoring lower?" and more about Why: "Why do our customers feel this way?". Competitive advantage is founded on delivering experiences that meet and exceed customer expectations time and again, and European businesses are hungry for insights to help achieve this.

In this respect, our Hub 2.0 innovations are incredibly timely. Hub 2.0 helps deliver richer data; Hub 2.0 enables brands to organise and explore comment content and truly uncover the Why on both strategic and tactical levels; Hub 2.0 helps manage cases as never before with powerful prioritisation features and smart recommendations for case resolution; Hub 2.0 brings the Voice of the Employee into decisions relating to customers.