Build a Better CX by Integrating VoE

November 17th, 2016

Today’s customers are more empowered than ever before thanks to increasing methods to research products, more purchasing options, and the growing amount platforms to share their experiences with the rest of the world.  

No one knows your customers—who they are, what they want, and what they expect—like your employees. Your employees are the face of your organization and are responsible for delivering on your brand promise and creating positive, memorable customer experiences. You trust them to interact with your customers, and you should trust them—and empower them—to create the best experience possible.

But how does an organization access this untapped resource? The answer is Voice of Employee, or VoE. By combining the insights generated through customer feedback with the power VoE, your brand finally has the variables in place to solve for a successful and impactful customer experience.

VoE programs provide your brand with a perspective that comes from regular interaction between your employees and your customers. Your employees have a greater knowledge than anyone about how things do or don’t work.

Your employees want to have an impact on the customer experience and contribute to your brand’s success. The success of your organization is directly correlated to the success of your employees, and your employees want to feel that connection. VoE gives them a platform to bring positive change at all levels of your business.

On the other side, the health of your organization is also directly affected by the attitude and performance of your employees. The more you invest in your employees, the more inclined they are to invest in their jobs and your brand. Your customers demand a greater experience and so do your employees. Help deliver that experience by listening to them and acting on the feedback they are giving you.

Implementing a VoE Program

An effective VoE program takes time, resources, and effort to develop. But there are some steps you can take to make the process easier and ensure a more successful path to collecting, understanding, and acting on your employee feedback:

1.     Choose the right technology partner

2.     Understand listening post options

3.     Ask questions that lead to actionable data

By listening to your employees, acting on their feedback, and rewarding them for being accountable and proactive you’ll find that they’re able to help you find a powerful solution to the CX equation. For a more in-depth view of VoE download our white paper, Better CX Begins with Employees.